In a recent heart-to-heart moment captured on Maricel Soriano's YouTube channel, the seasoned Diamond Star shared invaluable advice with ABS-CBN's rising luminary, Francine Diaz. This exchange of wisdom sheds light on dealing with detractors, those who seek to disrupt one's creative flow, a subject that holds resonance for artists across generations.

Maricel Soriano's Wisdom Guides Francine Diaz.
Image: Instagram/officialmaricelsoriano 

A Meeting of Icons

Maricel Soriano and Francine Diaz, two luminaries from divergent eras of Philippine entertainment, converged at the Art In Island Museum in Cubao, Quezon City. Against a backdrop of vibrant visual art, their conversation transcended the mundane, venturing into the realm of professional camaraderie.

Commendation for Artistry

During their rendezvous, Maricel Soriano took a moment to laud Francine Diaz for her captivating portrayal in the recently concluded murder mystery series, Dirty Linen. This acknowledgment holds weight, resonating with the young actress who had grappled with the shadows cast by online criticism.

Navigating the Waters of Negativity

Francine Diaz, candid and introspective, admitted to a lingering apprehension about the adequacy of her performance. The dim reverberations of negativity in the virtual sphere had sown seeds of doubt. In response, Maricel Soriano delivered a poignant reminder that reverberates through the corridors of creativity: opinions are as diverse as the human tapestry itself.

"Huwag kang magpapadala doon sa mga ganoon. Kasi ‘yun, opinyon nila. Hindi naman lahat ng tao kaya nating i-please," Maricel gently advised. In these words, she bequeathed to Francine a potent shield against the barbs of dissent.

The Power of Unwavering Focus

With the sagacity of one who has navigated the ebbs and flows of an illustrious career, Maricel Soriano emphasized that succumbing to negativity can be the quagmire where creativity falters. "Huwag mong pakinggan ‘yung ibang tao na nambubuwisit lang para bumaba ‘yung energy level mo," she advised, underlining the imperative of unwavering commitment to one's craft.

The Path Forward

As Francine Diaz continues to captivate audiences in the mystery-thriller series Fractured, alongside her steadfast partner, Seth Fedelin, the counsel of Maricel Soriano serves as a lodestar. Their partnership, affectionately dubbed FranSeth, embodies the potential that arises when talent meets steadfast determination.

In navigating the turbulent waters of the entertainment industry, the counsel of a seasoned luminary like Maricel Soriano proves invaluable. Through her words, a beacon of resilience shines, reminding artists to forge ahead, undeterred by the transient shadows cast by naysayers.

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