In a surprising turn of events, renowned Cebuana celebrity Ellen Adarna recently took to social media to express her sentiments on a post shared by former beauty queen, Maggie Wilson. The comment in question contained the intriguing phrase "na-scam," leaving netizens abuzz with speculation.

Ellen Adarna's "Na-scam" Comment on Maggie Wilson's Post.
Image: Instagram/maria.elena.adarna | wilsonmaggie

The Context: Maggie Wilson's Ongoing Struggles

Maggie Wilson has been actively using her social media platform to shed light on her current predicament, which stems from legal battles with her estranged husband, businessman Victor Consunji. The most recent revelation that sent shockwaves through her followers was the arrest of her mother.

What baffled many was the charge of carnapping, as Maggie's mother neither possessed a driver’s license nor had any knowledge of operating a vehicle. This incident led to suspicions pointing towards Victor Consunji, intensifying the already tense situation.

Veiled Allegations: Maggie's Cryptic Post

In an attempt to address her grievances, Maggie Wilson shared a poignant photo alongside her mother, accompanied by a caption alluding to a certain individual who had pledged financial support. Though no names were explicitly mentioned, astute netizens inferred that the subject of her statement was none other than her estranged husband.

According to Maggie, she took a step back from the relationship two years prior, with an assurance of a monthly stipend amounting to PHP20,000, promised by the aforementioned individual in late 2021 to cover her basic needs. To her dismay, not a single peso has materialized.

The Burden of Unpaid Debts: Maggie's Sole Responsibility

Further adding to the complexity of the situation, Maggie revealed that she personally settled the unpaid bills for her new residence, assuming a financial burden that rightfully belonged elsewhere. Her request for a designated bank account for rent payments was met with silence.

A Disturbing Financial Narrative: Borrowed Funds and Unsettled Debts

Maggie's revelations shed light on a disconcerting financial pattern. She asserts that the individual in question resorted to borrowing from investors, diverting funds that should have been allocated towards settling outstanding dues with suppliers, brokers, tax obligations, and other creditors.

A Cryptic Conclusion: Maggie's Enigmatic Disclaimer

Amidst the maelstrom of speculation, Maggie Wilson interjects with a cryptic disclaimer: “For legal reasons, this is not about who you think it is. The sky is green, and unicorns exist.” A phrase designed to intrigue, leaving readers with more questions than answers.

Ellen Adarna's "Na-scam" Comment: A Cryptic Response

Adding a layer of mystique to this already enigmatic saga, Ellen Adarna weighed in with a comment that has left many deciphering its meaning. "Na scam ka ata mags 😂, hugs mags ❤️," wrote the Cebuana celebrity. The combination of emojis and the term "na-scam" has ignited a fresh wave of speculation.

In conclusion, the unfolding drama between Maggie Wilson and her estranged husband, Victor Consunji, coupled with Ellen Adarna's enigmatic comment, has generated significant buzz within the online community. The intricacies of their entangled financial affairs continue to be the subject of intense scrutiny, leaving observers eagerly awaiting further developments.

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