Vice Ganda, one of It's Showtime's charming hosts, regaled the audience with an intriguing narrative on a recent episode. This story revealed a former occurrence in which Anne Curtis, another show star, became entangled in a fairly humorous predicament involving none other than Vhong Navarro.

The Intriguing Tale: Vhong Navarro, the "Alamat Ng Scammer".
Image: It's Showtime

Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, and their other It's Showtime hosts have a bond that extends beyond the bounds of the television screen. Despite their disparate personalities, their cooperation results in an exceptional ensemble, as seen by their banter, laughter, and tales about one another.

Anne Curtis, noted for her vivacity and friendliness, once handed her phone to Vhong Navarro after it was damaged in an unfortunate event. Vhong provided his aid as a show of goodwill, only for Anne to later learn that her phone's LCD had been secretly changed with a counterfeit. Despite being a joke, the event became legendary among watchers.

Vice Ganda revealed another instance from their shared history on a recent show. During the "Isip Bata" segment, a conversation about dogs inspired Vice to reminisce a time when Vhong sold a teacup-sized puppy to Anne. Anne bought the little puppy on Vhong's word, only for it to grow rapidly over the next several years. Laughter erupted as Vice recalled Anne's perplexed question, "How can this be a teacup when it's grown so large?"

Meanwhile, the It's Showtime setting is not without legal complications. Following a suspension, petitions for reconsideration were denied categorically by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB). ABS-CBN, the show's broadcasting network, made a formal statement promising fans that every possible route will be explored in their quest of a resolution. Their thanks to the "madlang people" for their continuous support was apparent.

As the story progresses, we are left with a jumble of feelings and observations. The relationships between It's Showtime's presenters go well beyond the stage, forming a tapestry of friendship and shared experiences that captivates viewers all around the world.

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