In the world of humor, timing and substance are everything. However, in today's environment, when noontime programs are scrutinized by the MTRCB, comedy must be not only relevant but also sensitive to its subject matter. Joey De Leon, a renowned Kapuso presenter, drew flak for his apparently casual statement regarding a delicate matter on a recent episode of EAT's "Gimme 5" segment.

Joey De Leon's Recent Banter Sparks Online Outrage.
Image: Instagram/angpoetnyo

A participant was asked a question on objects often worn around the neck during the segment. In response to his failure to offer the proper answers within the allocated time, De Leon said, "Lubid." Ludbid, maybe you should reconsider. Lubid." The word 'lubid,' or rope, is often associated with self-destructive impulses by hanging—an unquestionably touchy issue. Understandably, any discussion on mental health carries a lot of weight and may easily elicit strong reactions from the public.

Many people thought De Leon's joke was offensive, with others claiming that such a sensitive subject should never be used for comedy. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time De Leon has received criticism for his humorous efforts. In 2020, his'sana masakyan kita' remark drew great criticism for its apparent disrespect. Furthermore, early this year, he made a remark against the ABS-CBN franchise, which sparked a firestorm of internet criticism.

Netizens quickly turned to social media channels to vent their frustrations. Among the comments, one user pleaded, "Walang preno bunganga...Ngayon ka umaksyon, Lala Sotto," calling on the MTRCB to address what they saw as a flippant approach to a delicate matter. Another user expressed frustration with De Leon's usage of such jokes, underlining the necessity for someone to publicly address the problem, given that, in their opinion, he routinely included such jokes in his repertoire, reflecting comments he allegedly frequently heard from his uncle, Tito Joey.

In response to a trigger warning for suicide-related material in a tweet, one user screamed, "Really? What are your thoughts on lubid's leeg? JOEY DE LEON REALLY???? ANO NA LALA SOTTO?" This emotional reaction expresses the degree of disappointment and despair felt by many people online.

Finally, the uproar over Joey De Leon's recent remark serves as a harsh reminder of the power that words—particularly those delivered on a public platform—can have. While humour has its uses, it must be used with caution, especially when dealing with matters as serious and important as mental health. The internet replies reveal a strong need for responsibility as well as a desire for more serious comedy entertainment. It remains to be seen how the industry will react to this new occurrence as conversations continue.

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