In a much-anticipated return to the spotlight, the incomparable Regine Velasquez is set to grace the concert stage with her electrifying performance, aptly named "Regine Rocks." This highly awaited musical extravaganza is scheduled to captivate audiences at the iconic Mall of Asia Arena on November 25th, commencing at 8 p.m.

Regine Velasquez Gears Up to the Stage Once Again with "Regine Rocks" Concert.
Image:  Instagram/reginevalcasid

Unveiling the Concert Details

Regine Velasquez enthusiasts and music aficionados alike can mark their calendars for an unforgettable evening of rock-infused melodies. The anticipation is palpable as "Regine Rocks" promises to be a one-of-a-kind spectacle, leaving an indelible mark on the concert scene.

The concert tickets are slated to go on sale starting September 16th, precisely at 12 noon. Concertgoers can secure their seats through the convenient platforms of and various SM Ticket outlets. With such an accessible and hassle-free ticket purchasing process, securing a spot at this remarkable event has never been more convenient.

From Dream to Reality

Amidst great anticipation, Regine Velasquez's announcement of her intention to stage a solo show earlier in the year was met with resounding excitement. "Regine Rocks" is poised to be an embodiment of her artistic prowess and undeniable stage presence, providing fans a glimpse into the depth of her musical journey and evolution.

An Unconventional Lineup

"Regine Rocks" is not merely a concert; it's a musical transformation. This extraordinary event boasts a distinctive lineup that comprises a carefully curated selection of rock songs. What sets this concert apart is the ingenious reinterpretation of some of Regine Velasquez's own hits, now expertly transformed into rock renditions that are bound to leave the audience awestruck.

Fans and Celebrities Await

As the announcement of "Regine Rocks" reverberated across the entertainment landscape, fans and celebrities alike joined in expressing their boundless enthusiasm for this upcoming concert. The sheer excitement radiating from all corners is a testament to the magnetic pull of Regine Velasquez's performances.

As the countdown begins, anticipation swells for a night that promises to redefine the concert experience. With Regine Velasquez's powerhouse vocals, unparalleled showmanship, and a lineup that defies conventions, "Regine Rocks" is poised to etch its name in the annals of musical history.

Prepare to be swept away by the seismic energy of "Regine Rocks" as it graces the Mall of Asia Arena stage this November. With a fusion of rock melodies and Regine Velasquez's unmatched vocal prowess, this concert is poised to be an extraordinary spectacle that will linger in the hearts of music enthusiasts for years to come. Secure your tickets, and join us in celebrating the triumphant return of a musical legend!

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