In a recent episode of "It's Showtime," the ever-astute Vice Ganda observed a poignant moment as OPM luminary, Ogie Alcasid, was moved to tears by a contestant's heartfelt performance. This emotional outpouring left many wondering about the underlying story that stirred such a profound reaction in the seasoned judge.

Ogie Alcasid's Emotional Moment on "Tawag Ng Tanghalan".
Image: Its' Showtime

The Legacy of Herminio Alcasid Sr.

At the heart of this touching moment lies the memory of Herminio Alcasid Sr., the esteemed father of Ogie Alcasid. Herminio Sr. was more than a parent; he was an accomplished lawyer, entrusted with the weighty responsibility of serving on the board of directors for the Philippine National Oil Co. Development and Management Corporation (PNOC). In 2010, he earned this esteemed position through the appointment of then-President Benigno Aquino III. Notably, Herminio Sr. later ascended to the role of PNOC's president and CEO.

Tragically, the world bid farewell to this distinguished figure in September of 2020, leaving behind a legacy that continues to reverberate through the lives he touched. It is this indelible mark that resonates in the lyrics of the song that stirred Ogie's soul.

The Poignant Performance

As the contestant's voice filled the studio, it was as though the very essence of Herminio Sr. was channeled through the notes and lyrics. Ogie, visibly moved, confided in Vice Ganda, sharing the profound connection he felt. With teary eyes, he revealed, "Eh kasi parang tungkol sa tatay ko yung kinakanta niya eh." In those words, one could glimpse the depth of emotion that surged within him.

A Lighter Note Amidst Emotion

To alleviate the somber atmosphere, the hosts rallied together, weaving their trademark humor into the moment. Their banter and jokes served as a beacon of levity, gently lifting the weight of the poignant performance.

Showtime's Unwavering Spirit

In the wake of recent events, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) levied a suspension against "It's Showtime," citing a violation. The decision, reached through a unanimous vote, marked a significant juncture for the show. Chairperson Lala Sotto, demonstrating commendable integrity, opted to abstain from the vote.

Undeterred, "It's Showtime" presses on, embodying a resolute spirit in the face of adversity. While the suspension looms, its status remains unofficial. ABS-CBN, the network behind the show, has submitted a motion for reconsideration, asserting their belief in the absence of any substantive legal transgressions.

In Conclusion

In this raw and poignant moment, we catch a glimpse of Ogie Alcasid's profound connection to his late father. The power of music, it seems, can serve as a conduit for emotions that words alone cannot convey. As "It's Showtime" navigates through its current challenges, it does so with a tenacity that speaks to the resilience of the human spirit.

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