If you've been curious about Liza Soberano's frequent trips to South Korea, especially this year, the actress has finally let the cat out of the bag. In a candid revelation, she shared one of the major reasons behind her journeys.

Liza Soberano in Korea: A Journey of Discovery and Passion.
Image: Instagram/lizasoberano

Embarking on an Adventure

In her latest venture, a YouTube travel series aptly titled "Liza in Korea," Liza invites viewers into her world as a tourist, a devoted fan, and an aspiring entrepreneur exploring a country she fondly refers to as her "fun place." With an infectious enthusiasm, she recounts, "Liza in Korea is really just about me going on a fun adventure in Korea, and just getting to explore Korean culture and Korean entertainment through a local’s perspective. And I get to tell that story through a Filipino’s perspective."

Produced by the esteemed South Korean company JJ Global Group, this 15-episode extravaganza premiered with a bang, promising subsequent episodes every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on PHH TV’s YouTube Channel and Lacimer’s Instagram.

Embracing the Korean Experience

Through "Liza in Korea," Liza plunges headfirst into the heart of Korean artistry, mastering K-pop choreography and delving into the world of K-businesses and brands, including the prominent Lacimer. As the media release rightly puts it, this series isn't just a travelogue; it's an odyssey of cultural immersion.

Liza, reflecting on the pre-production phase, shares, “Before we started filming, they were like what are some of the things you want to explore or discover? Or, who are the people you want to meet? And I gave them my list. Of course, not every single one of them were granted but the majority of them were. And I don’t think I would have experienced what I got to in this series without them. So, I was just super grateful to them and I learned to love each and every one of them.”

JJ Global Group: Masters of Creativity and Commerce

The company behind this project, as The STAR has uncovered, is a versatile entity involved in manufacturing, e-commerce, and content creation. Their forte? Crafting Intellectual Property. Their track record speaks volumes, having successfully introduced Korean IPs, such as the beloved variety show "Running Man," to various global audiences.

In Liza's words, "But aside from that, they also are an e-commerce platform… So, the series is actually a way for them to kind of integrate their products through a form of entertainment.” It's a strategic synergy of content and commerce, seamlessly woven together.

Pioneering Southeast Asian Representation

Liza stands tall as the first and only Southeast Asian artist to be embraced by this illustrious company. Their sights are set on the Southeast Asian market, and Liza, with her unwavering love for K-culture, stands as the perfect ambassador. This venture isn't merely about content; it's about creating an experience that resonates with a diverse audience.

The Whirlwind of Activities

As of our latest update, Liza, under the able management of Careless, is in Korea, immersed in a whirlwind of activities. Beyond the series, she's delving into the realm of entrepreneurship, spearheading a fashion brand endorsement, and making waves in an upcoming variety show appearance.

Insights from Liza's Journey

Liza, ever candid, shares her initial thoughts on the project, “My first reaction when I was approached and offered to do this was I was really excited and surprised because I didn’t think that a Korean corporation would even know who I am or anything. I was really surprised because they approached us having a lot of knowledge about me. You could really tell that they did their research and they really tried to understand the Philippine market first before approaching me. I really appreciated that about them.”

On the filming experience, she reflects, “I filmed this from the end of March to April for about 18 days. But then, I’ve been going back to Korea pretty often. Because after filming that, the company that hired me also started looking for endorsements for me and stuff here in Korea. So, I’ve been meeting with a lot of different people. I’ve been meeting with this one brand that they’re actually launching me as their endorser tonight (Wednesday night), too. So yeah, I’ve been doing a lot of business meetings here and just networking basically.”

Highlights: From YG Plus to Lotte World

Among the many unforgettable moments, Liza singles out a few. Visiting the YG Plus office, a sanctuary for K-pop enthusiasts, stands as a "pinch-me" moment. She expresses her adoration for the YG company, a powerhouse in the K-pop industry.

A trip to Lotte World, a crowning jewel in Korea's attractions, leaves an indelible mark. Dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, Liza embraces the experience with a spirit of adventure, transcending any initial hesitations.

The final day of filming becomes an emotional crescendo. Bonded through 18 days of shared experiences, Liza is moved to tears as she bids farewell to the team. This series is more than just entertainment; it's a genuine reflection of Liza's essence, capturing her in her most authentic and joyous moments.

Charting the Future: Liza's Aspirations in Korea

Liza's foray into the Korean entertainment scene is not a fleeting affair. With an eye on the horizon, she envisions South Korea as the next Hollywood. The prospect of contributing to this burgeoning industry excites her. As she beautifully articulates, “Of course, I’m not Korean. So, it’s a bit of a culture shock for me when I come here, how they do things differently, but it’s also nice to just kind of understand how their culture works and kind of see the differences and similarities to my cultures because I have two different cultures — American and Filipino. I just feel like I’m learning a lot and becoming more diverse as a human being. And yeah, I am actually actively exploring opportunities out here.”

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