In a recent interview, Kathryn Bernardo, renowned for her role in "A Very Good Girl," shed light on her and Daniel Padilla's contemplation about taking the plunge into marriage. She emphasized that while the notion has been broached, Daniel maintains a profound respect for the timing that feels right to her.

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla's Perspective on Marriage.
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"He respects my timing din. Alam ko din na hindi pa ako ready so ayaw mong pilitin ‘yung mga ganun," Kathryn affirmed, underlining the mutual understanding that underscores their relationship's foundation.

Prioritizing Happiness, Step by Step

For Kathryn, the pivotal facet lies in the present moment. "Ang importante, masaya kayo ngayon tapos take it day by day," she articulated, endorsing the wisdom of cherishing the here and now. This sentiment resonates with the couple's approach to their journey together.

A Journey of Purpose and Passion

The prospect of matrimonial bliss may take a while to materialize, as both Kathryn and Daniel are currently engrossed in nurturing their respective careers. Kathryn expressed, "Wala, tagal pa. Kasi ngayon, nandito pa kai sa peak namin ngayon ni DJ na kailangan naming magtrabaho ng magtrabaho especially na may bahay na pinapagawa. Ang daming gastos," elucidating the practical considerations that anchor their deliberations.

Shared Perspective on Timing

A key takeaway from Kathryn's revelations is the shared recognition that the stars have yet to align for their marital union. She avowed, "Open kami about it, ha. Iba-iba naman ‘yung time ng lahat. So, ngayon, a-attend lang kami ng mga kasal, kunin niyo lang kaming bridesmaids, okay lang sa amin," reinforcing the notion that each individual's journey towards matrimony is uniquely timed.

From Onscreen Chemistry to Real-Life Commitment

Kathryn and Daniel's journey from onscreen co-stars to offscreen partners has been nothing short of a captivating narrative. The inception of their formidable love team, KathNiel, traces back to the teen series "Growing Up" in 2010. Since then, their onscreen chemistry has graced projects like "Princess and I" (2012), "Got to Believe" (2013), "She’s Dating the Gangster" (2014), "Pangako Sa’yo" (2015), "Crazy Beautiful You" (2015), "Barcelona: A Love Untold" (2016), "La Luna Sangre" (2017), and "The Hows of Us" (2018).

In 2018, they affirmed their real-life romance, a testament to the enduring connection forged on set.


Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla's perspective on marriage is one steeped in mutual respect, understanding, and a shared commitment to allowing their journey to unfold organically. As they navigate the peaks of their careers, they remain steadfast in the belief that the right time will manifest itself. Their story, a testament to the authenticity of their connection, continues to inspire fans and admirers alike.

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