In a heartwarming display of sisterly love and generosity, actress-vlogger Ivana Alawi left no stone unturned to make her younger sister Mona's birthday an unforgettable one. The entire event, captured in one of Ivana's recent vlogs, was nothing short of a rollercoaster of emotions.

Ivana Alawi Surprises Sister Mona with a Lavish Birthday Gift.
Image: Instagram/ivanaalawi

The Prank That Left Mona Speechless

Ivana, renowned for her flair for drama and pranks, concocted an elaborate scheme to surprise Mona on her special day. Little did Mona know, she was about to be caught in the midst of a staged road rage incident that would leave her utterly bewildered.

The prank unfolded in a carefully orchestrated manner. Ivana, driving a sleek Ford Territory, played the role of an incensed driver who purportedly had a bone to pick with Mona on the road. The tension in the air was palpable as Ivana put on an act that had Mona believing she was in a genuine road rage altercation. Mona's confusion and distress were evident, and tears welled up in her eyes as the situation escalated.

A Birthday Gift Beyond Imagination

Just when it seemed like the prank had reached its peak, Ivana took a swift turn, unveiling the real surprise. With dramatic flair, Ivana revealed the astonishing birthday gift she had been keeping secret – the gleaming Ford Territory, a vehicle that carries a price tag of Php 1.6 million.

Mona's initial shock and confusion gave way to sheer delight as she comprehended the gravity of the gift. The tears that had flowed moments ago were now tears of joy, gratitude, and disbelief. It was a moment of pure, unadulterated happiness, a testament to the unbreakable bond shared by the Alawi sisters.

Ivana's Heartfelt Message

Beyond the material extravagance of the gift, Ivana took a moment to convey her love and appreciation for Mona. In her vlog, she spoke of the trials and tribulations they had faced together, highlighting the strength of their sisterly connection. Ivana emphasized how Mona had always been there for her, making this lavish gesture a small token of her immense gratitude.

The video resonated not only for its touching content but also for the production quality that Ivana consistently delivers. The Alawi sisters' emotional journey, captured flawlessly on camera, is a testament to Ivana's knack for creating captivating and emotionally resonant vlogs.


In the realm of online content, few moments are as powerful and heartwarming as Ivana Alawi's surprise birthday gift to her sister Mona. This heartfelt gesture, masterfully executed with an elaborate prank, showcased the depth of their sisterly bond and Ivana's enduring generosity.

As the Alawi sisters continue to inspire and entertain their vast online following, this unforgettable birthday surprise will undoubtedly stand as a testament to the power of love, family, and the magic that can be found in the most unexpected moments of life.

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