In a recent development that has sent shockwaves through the Philippine entertainment industry, the popular television show "It's Showtime" finds itself in hot water as it grapples with a 12-day suspension imposed by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB). This punitive action comes in the wake of a series of alleged indecent acts committed by the show's hosts, raising questions about the boundaries of entertainment and the responsibilities of media platforms.

It's Showtime Faces Suspension: Warnings and Violations.
Image: ABS-CBN

The Allegations and the Suspension

The crux of the matter revolves around allegations of indecency perpetrated by the hosts of "It's Showtime." One particularly controversial incident that has garnered significant attention involved one host scooping cake from another's fingers. Such instances of physical contact, deemed by many as inappropriate, prompted the MTRCB to step in and take decisive action.

The 12-day suspension is a stern response by the MTRCB to these alleged indecent acts. It serves as a stark reminder that even in the realm of entertainment, there are lines that should not be crossed. The suspension period aims to not only penalize the show but also to provide an opportunity for reflection and reform.

Multiple Warnings and Violations

The suspension of "It's Showtime" did not happen in isolation. Prior to this punitive measure, the show had received multiple warnings from the MTRCB regarding various violations of regulations. These violations included the use of explicit language and the donning of indecent attire by the hosts. The cumulative effect of these infractions ultimately led to the suspension.

The warnings issued by the MTRCB were not taken lightly, and they underscored the need for the show to adhere to the established guidelines and standards. However, it appears that these admonitions fell on deaf ears, leading to the drastic step of suspending the show.

Dismissed Complaints

It is worth noting that while "It's Showtime" faced allegations and warnings, not all complaints against the show held merit. Some of the grievances raised by concerned viewers were dismissed by the MTRCB, highlighting the importance of a fair and thorough investigation process. This demonstrates the need to differentiate between genuine concerns and unsubstantiated claims.

ABS-CBN's Response

In the face of the suspension, ABS-CBN, the network behind "It's Showtime," has announced its intention to file a Motion for Reconsideration. This legal maneuver signals the network's determination to contest the suspension and potentially have it overturned. ABS-CBN's response underscores the seriousness with which it views the situation and its commitment to the show's continued presence on the airwaves.


The suspension of "It's Showtime" by the MTRCB serves as a poignant reminder that the entertainment industry, like any other, must operate within the bounds of decency and compliance with established regulations. While the show has garnered a dedicated fan base and entertained millions, it is incumbent upon media platforms to uphold the standards expected of them.

As this controversy unfolds, it raises important questions about the role of media in society, the responsibilities of entertainers, and the need for vigilance in upholding ethical standards. The future of "It's Showtime" remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: this incident will have far-reaching implications for the Philippine entertainment landscape, and its repercussions will be closely monitored by both industry insiders and the public alike.

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