In a candid revelation during a recent Instagram Q&A session, Ellen Adarna, the renowned 35-year-old actress, shed light on a cosmetic enhancement she underwent during her active years in showbiz - nose botox. This revelation came as a surprise to many, as her admirers had previously believed her nose to be entirely natural.

Ellen Adarna's Nose Botox Revelation: A Closer Look.
Image: Instagram/maria.elena.adarna

The Botox Effect on Ellen's Nose

According to Ellen, the nose botox procedure played a pivotal role in enhancing her on-screen performances, particularly during emotionally charged scenes. She articulated, "What botox does sa nose, it doesn't make your nose flare like this, and when I was still active. Of course, you're in front of the camera, the close up, when you cry... nag-isngag imung ilong," illuminating the nuanced impact of this cosmetic intervention.

Natural Beauty, Amplified

Addressing any lingering speculations, Ellen emphatically affirmed that her nose remains untouched by surgical procedures. "My nose has never been under the knife, no cuts and what so ever. This is my natural nose," she asserted, dispelling any notions of surgical alteration. It's worth noting that nose botox, unlike surgical methods, is a non-permanent enhancement.

A Retreat from the Limelight

Ellen Adarna embarked on a hiatus from the showbiz scene in 2017, a year that also saw rumors of her pregnancy with her now four-year-old son, Elias, whom she shares with her ex-partner, John Lloyd Cruz. This sabbatical marked a significant turning point in her personal and professional life, leading to a reclusive period that diverged from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

Growth Amidst Tranquility

In an exclusive interview with PhilSTAR L!fe, Ellen candidly shared her transformative journey over the past few years. She revealed, "This has always been the life that I always prayed for. I’m at peace with myself and my temperament. But if I didn’t have a rough, colorful, wild 20s, I wouldn’t be here, too, so I appreciate the past na magulo and now at peace. Hindi ko naman ma-appreciate kung peaceful naman lahat 'di ba, dapat may balance," offering a poignant reflection on her evolution from tumultuous beginnings to a state of harmonious contentment.

This comprehensive exploration of Ellen Adarna's nose botox revelation offers a nuanced understanding of the actress's journey in showbiz and personal evolution. From the strategic application of botox to the affirmation of her natural beauty, Ellen's story serves as a testament to the transformative power of self-acceptance and growth.

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