Alden Richards and Julia Montes, the dynamic duo behind the much-anticipated film Five Break-Ups and A Romance, made a noteworthy visit to the Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila on September 13, kicking off the promotional campaign for their latest cinematic venture.

Alden Richards and Julia Montes Make Waves at Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila.
Image: GMA Network

Julia Montes wasted no time in leveraging the power of TikTok to bolster the film's publicity. Her account was swiftly verified, boasting an impressive following of 173,000 and accumulating over 433,000 likes after she shared a series of videos, including a captivating dance cover of Nick Lopez's hit track, "Pink Champagne." The video went viral, garnering an astounding 3.5 million views in record time.

As of the present moment, both Alden and Julia have immersed themselves in an extensive promotional tour, spanning Metro Manila and various provinces. The palpable camaraderie and profound connection between the two artists, forged during their collaborative efforts under the expert direction of Irene Villamor, serve as a testament to the seamless synergy they bring to the screen.

During a live broadcast session with Julia, Alden candidly expressed his admiration for his co-star. He lauded Julia's exceptional acting prowess and commended her for the admirable depth of character she brings to her roles. In his own words, their on-screen partnership has been nothing short of remarkable.

For Julia, this project stands out as a pivotal milestone in her career. She attested to the invaluable lessons she gleaned from the experience and emphasized the cherished friendship she forged with Alden. It is now abundantly clear to her why the actor commands such a devoted following from his fans.

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