In an unexpected turn of events, former celebrity power couple Nadine Lustre and James Reid were spotted together at the grand opening of Gucci's Greenbelt 4 store. The reunion of the iconic JaDine love team sent waves of excitement and nostalgia through their devoted fan base.

Nadine Lustre and James Reid's Unexpected Encounter.
Image: Twitter/annecurtis

JaDine Reunion

JaDine, the endearing moniker for James Reid and Nadine Lustre, once reigned as one of the Philippines' most beloved love teams. However, in 2020, the pair confirmed their separation after years of being together. In a candid interview, James expressed his resolute stance, asserting that he harbored no regrets regarding their split.

Years later, Nadine revealed her willingness to collaborate with James once again, citing a penchant for collaboration and a lack of animosity between them. Her statement, "If it’s a good project, why not? Hindi naman kami magkaaway," echoes a mature and professional approach to their past relationship.

The Reunion Unfolds

More than three years post-announcement of their split, fate orchestrated an unexpected reunion at the glittering event hosted by the luxury brand, Gucci. Both James and Nadine graced the occasion, exuding an air of nonchalance that suggested their meeting was no cause for undue fanfare.

While James attended the event with his current flame, Issa Pressman, Nadine arrived solo, conspicuously absent her boyfriend, Christophe Bariou. The highlight of the evening, however, was the heartwarming 'beso-beso' moment shared by the former flames. In front of an audience, James approached Nadine, culminating in a swift yet tender hug and a customary cheek-to-cheek greeting.

The Fan's Perspective

As news of the JaDine reunion swept social media, fans were quick to react:

"Bat ganun???? :/ my divorce parents :(("

"Yung nakamove-on ka na tapos nagtwinning sila huhu may kilig pa rin sa jadine bakit bwahaha but happy na ako for nadine!!!"

"So every may mapanakiy na moment for jadine fans. From mega to gucci ??? huhu"

"As a Jadine Fan ako sa ngiti ni Anne nong nakita niya si James at Nadine na magbebeso sa isa’t isa."

James' Intriguing Insight

Last year, James Reid stirred conversation when he remarked on the indomitable force of a love team. According to him, once the public embraces the chemistry between two individuals, the momentum becomes unstoppable, leaving artists powerless in the wake of their shared appeal.

In Conclusion

The unexpected reunion of JaDine at Gucci Greenbelt 4's store opening marked a poignant moment for fans and onlookers alike. The amicable encounter between Nadine Lustre and James Reid served as a testament to their enduring friendship and professionalism in the face of a storied romantic past.

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