In the bustling metropolis of Manila, where the echo of traffic merges with the cadence of the daily downpour, a new policy by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) seeks to regulate the use of underpasses and footbridges by motorists during rainfall.

MMDA pagmumultahin ang mga sisilong sa footbridge, underpass sa EDSA
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The Rain Check Policy

Starting this August, the MMDA will embark on a traffic reformation plan, whereby it will issue tickets to motorists found seeking shelter under footbridges and underpasses during inclement weather. The stipulations of this policy, tailored towards maintaining fluid traffic and pedestrian safety, include a penalty system.

Motorists found breaking the new regulation will initially be warned by traffic enforcers. Subsequent infractions, however, will lead to a fine of PHP 500. Continued non-compliance may see this fine double to PHP 1000.

Diverse Reactions from Motorists

The MMDA's newly established policy has sparked varied responses from motorists. There are those who commend the move, viewing it as an essential strategy to alleviate traffic congestion and promote seamless mobility within the city. On the other hand, there is a section, particularly composed of Grab riders, expressing their concerns about the rule's potential impact on their livelihood.

MMDA's Proactive Measures

In recognizing the importance of providing shelter for riders during the monsoon season, the MMDA is contemplating solutions. A strategic plan in the pipeline involves collaboration with gas stations situated along the prominent EDSA highway. This move would offer riders temporary refuge during the rain, thereby ensuring the consistent flow of traffic without compromising the wellbeing of the city's riders.

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