In a heartwarming prenup video that radiates pure love and joy, Kapuso actress LJ Reyes and her partner Philip Evangelista give us a glimpse into their enchanting journey towards their impending nuptials. With the endearing phrase "I got you" at the center of their narrative, this couple takes a poignant stride forward, cherishing their unbreakable bond. Their touching story unfolds against the backdrop of significant life events that have shaped their path to each other.

LJ Reyes and Philip Evangelista's Heartfelt Prenup Video.
Image: Instagram/@lj_reyes

A Profound Expression of Love: "I Got You"

The phrase "I got you" has transcended mere words for LJ Reyes and Philip Evangelista. It serves as a powerful testament to their unwavering commitment and deep emotional connection. As they stand on the precipice of marital bliss, they invite us to share in their profound understanding of the phrase. It encapsulates their promise to stand by one another through thick and thin, to support and uplift each other as they navigate life's twists and turns.

From Heartbreak to Happily Ever After

LJ Reyes' journey to this exhilarating chapter of her life has been marked by growth, resilience, and unwavering strength. After a publicized breakup with Paolo Contis in 2021, she embarked on a transformative journey, finding solace and renewed purpose alongside her children in the bustling streets of New York. Her radiant smile and indomitable spirit bore witness to her triumphant rise from the ashes of heartbreak.

Philip Evangelista: The Anchor of Love

At the heart of LJ's resurgence stands Philip Evangelista, the man who has infused her life with newfound joy and love. Their engagement announcement in May was a momentous declaration of their commitment to each other, igniting a fervor of excitement among their fans and well-wishers. Philip's unwavering presence in LJ's life symbolizes the strength of a partnership built on trust, respect, and boundless affection.

A Visual Ode to Love

The prenup video, a visual masterpiece that captures the essence of LJ and Philip's love story, showcases their magnetic chemistry and genuine affection. Each frame encapsulates their shared laughter, stolen glances, and the unspoken language that only soulmates can understand. Against picturesque backdrops, they invite us to witness their journey from two separate paths to one intertwined destiny.

A Commitment to Togetherness

"I got you" is more than a phrase; it's a promise etched in the fabric of LJ and Philip's journey. It symbolizes their dedication to forging a path of togetherness, where every day is a celebration of their unity. Their prenup video elegantly encapsulates their commitment to crafting a life filled with shared dreams, mutual support, and the beauty of companionship.

Finding Love Amidst Life's Changes

Life is a tapestry woven with threads of change, and LJ and Philip's love story stands as a testament to embracing these shifts with open hearts. As LJ rebuilt her life in New York, Philip emerged as her steadfast rock, weathering storms and embracing sunshine together. Their love story is a reminder that even amidst life's uncertainties, love has the power to bloom and thrive.

Charting New Beginnings

As they prepare to embark on a new chapter as life partners, LJ Reyes and Philip Evangelista exemplify the beauty of embracing new beginnings. Their prenup video is a testament to their shared values, dreams, and the unbreakable bond they've nurtured. As they stand united, they invite us to witness the magic that unfolds when two souls find solace, joy, and love in each other's arms.


LJ Reyes and Philip Evangelista's prenup video is a testament to the enduring power of love, resilience, and the beauty of shared dreams. Through their enchanting journey, marked by challenges, growth, and unwavering devotion, they have proven that love is a force that transcends all barriers. Their story, etched in the phrase "I got you," reminds us all that love's journey is a remarkable tapestry, and they are the artists who paint it with the vibrant colors of their hearts.

Reimagine love with LJ Reyes and Philip Evangelista as they journey towards an extraordinary union, captured beautifully in their prenup video. Their story is a symphony of emotions, an ode to commitment, and a celebration of the magic of "I got you."

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