Xander Arizala, popularly known as "Marlou" Arizala in the past, has started his training for an upcoming boxing match against Christian Merck Grey, also known as Makagwapo. The social media personality shared a video of himself preparing for the highly anticipated "Battle of the YouTubers" boxing bout [1]. The feud between Xander and Makagwapo escalated following a challenge that involved a drug test and a boxing match. This article provides an overview of the situation, the training process, and the anticipation surrounding this upcoming bout.

Xander Arizala Starts Boxing Training with Makagwapo.
Image: YouTube

The Feud and Challenge

The dispute between Xander Arizala and Makagwapo began when Makagwapo challenged Xander to a drug test and a boxing match in the "Battle of the YouTubers" event. This challenge was accompanied by allegations of breached commitments and monetary disputes. The feud gained attention on social media and attracted the interest of their respective fan bases. Xander responded to the challenge, expressing his determination to fight Makagwapo, even without any talent fee.

Training for the Battle

Xander Arizala recently shared a video on his Facebook page, showcasing his training regimen for the boxing match against Makagwapo. The video depicted Xander engaging in shadow boxing while wearing hand and ankle wraps. He emphasized his readiness to face Makagwapo, regardless of the duration or number of rounds in the fight.

The Boxing Match

The highly anticipated boxing match between Xander Arizala and Makagwapo is scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 18 at 8 p.m. The fight will be broadcast live on Makagago's YouTube account, allowing fans and supporters to witness the battle. The outcome of this match will not only settle their personal disputes but also captivate the attention of their followers, who have been eagerly following the events leading up to the fight.


Xander Arizala's training for the boxing match with Makagwapo is in full swing as the social media personality prepares to step into the ring and face his opponent. This highly anticipated "Battle of the YouTubers" event has garnered significant attention, generating excitement among their fan bases. With both participants showcasing their determination and engaging in intense verbal exchanges, the stage is set for an intriguing showdown. As the match approaches, fans eagerly await the outcome and anticipate witnessing a memorable boxing clash between Xander Arizala and Makagwapo.

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