As Mayon Volcano in the Philippines continues to remain under Alert Level 3, PLDT Inc's wireless arm, Smart Communications, has taken steps to support the affected residents. Smart Communications has set up free call, charging, and WiFi stations in evacuation sites within the 6-kilometer danger zone around Mayon Volcano. These stations aim to provide essential communication services to the residents who have been evacuated from the vicinity of the volcano, ensuring their connectivity during this challenging period.

Smart Communications Provides Call, Charging, and WiFi Stations for Mayon Volcano Evacuees

Services Offered by Smart Communications

Smart Communications has established free call, charging, and WiFi booths at various evacuation sites, including San Jose Elementary School in Brgy. San Jose Malilipot and Bariw National Highschool in Camalig, Albay. These services are available to approximately 600 families within the 6-kilometer danger zone who have been evacuated and are currently residing in these sites. By providing these facilities, Smart Communications aims to ensure that the affected residents can stay connected with their loved ones and access vital information during the ongoing crisis.

Stability of Services

Despite the recent unrest and eruption at Mayon Volcano, PLDT and Smart Communications assure the public that their services remain stable and operational in the affected areas. Prior to the eruption, the companies had deployed necessary equipment and personnel in the vicinity to minimize disruptions in their services. This proactive approach ensures that the affected residents can continue to rely on Smart Communications' network for their communication needs during the evacuation period.

Precautions and Alerts

PLDT advises the public to take necessary precautions, including activating the emergency cell broadcast system (eCBS) on their mobile devices [1]. It is essential for residents to follow alerts and warnings issued by the government and stay updated on the situation through reliable sources. By staying informed, residents can make informed decisions and respond appropriately to any changes in the volcanic activity or evacuation protocols.


Smart Communications, through its provision of free call, charging, and WiFi stations, is extending support to the residents affected by the ongoing volcanic activity of Mayon Volcano. These services enable the evacuated families to stay connected and access necessary information during this challenging time. PLDT and Smart Communications reaffirm their commitment to maintaining stable and operational services despite the volcanic unrest. By taking precautions and heeding government alerts, the affected residents can navigate through the crisis with better communication resources at their disposal.



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