In a recent Twitter statement, professional basketball player Ricci Rivero, 25, confirmed the end of his relationship with Kapamilya actress and influencer Andrea Brillantes, 20. After weeks of speculation on social media, Ricci broke his silence about their breakup and expressed regret for not making their relationship status public earlier. While he did not mention Andrea's name directly, it was evident that his statement pertained to their split. Ricci urged the public to respect their decision to maintain privacy and preserve the remaining friendship between them.

Ricci Rivero Confirms Breakup with Andrea Brillantes

Ricci Rivero's Apology and Request for Privacy

In his tweet, Ricci Rivero acknowledged his mistake of not publicly disclosing the status of their relationship. He believed there was no need to add to the challenges they were facing. Ricci emphasized the importance of respecting their decision to keep their breakup private to safeguard their friendship. He urged people to refrain from creating their own narratives and involving others in false accusations. Ricci apologized for any disappointments his announcement may have caused and requested a peaceful healing process without hatred or pain.

Social Media Reactions and Cheating Allegations

Upon sharing his statement, Ricci Rivero faced criticism and accusations of infidelity in the comments section of his tweet. Some netizens even mentioned a councilor, presumably referring to Leren Mae Bautista, linking her to the breakup. Screenshots of a now-deleted Instagram story featuring Ricci's photo, posted by Bautista, circulated on the internet, fueling further speculation.

Andrea Brillantes' Response and Silence

As of now, Andrea Brillantes has not commented on the issue or provided any response regarding their breakup. Her silence has left fans curious about her perspective and thoughts on the matter.

Recalling Ricci-Andrea Love Story

The relationship between Ricci Rivero and Andrea Brillantes began like a scene from a teleserye or film. In April 2022, during a University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) basketball game between the UP Maroons and FEU Tamaraws, Ricci asked Andrea to be his girlfriend. The romantic gesture happened right after the game at the Mall of Asia Arena. They publicly revealed their relationship, and their journey as a couple lasted approximately one year.


Ricci Rivero's confirmation of his breakup with Andrea Brillantes has drawn attention and speculation from their followers and fans. While Ricci apologized for the disappointment caused and requested privacy, fans await Andrea's response to gain a better understanding of their relationship's end. The couple's love story, which started with a memorable proposal, has come to a close, leaving their supporters curious about the reasons behind their split and hoping for an amicable resolution.



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