Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has refuted suggestions that the nation is drifting away from its alliance with China. President Marcos underlined the need of strengthening relations with China and working together to overcome shared concerns during an award ceremony in Manila. His statements come as tensions between China and the United States rise, emphasizing the Philippines' commitment to maintaining a balanced approach in international affairs.

President Marcos Jr. Denies Shift Away from China, Emphasizes Continuing Partnership
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Partnership and friendship will be maintained.

President Marcos remarked that the Philippines' attitude toward China has not changed in any manner. He reaffirmed the country's long-standing commitment to establishing friendship, connection, and collaboration with China. The President admitted that the two countries had differences, but emphasized that these divisions would not define the bilateral relationship. Instead, the emphasis remains on cooperatively confronting difficulties with China, such as guaranteeing peace and safe passage through the South China Sea.

Efforts to Improve Relations

President Marcos emphasized continued talks with China on a variety of issues, including communication, fishing areas, and other ideas aimed at enhancing the bilateral relationship. He expressed excitement about the progress achieved in these areas and how they contribute to the two nations' cooperation. The President also praised China for the great possibilities it has afforded the Philippines, especially in terms of commerce and collaboration, and highlighted the significance of mutual interests and shared ideals in building the relationship.

Regional Relations in Balance

President Marcos stressed that the Philippines' relationship with China is changing but not fundamentally. He emphasized that the country's stance to China is comparable to that of other countries in the area. The President noted the current problems, especially frequent events in the West Philippine Sea, and reaffirmed the administration's commitment to finding peaceful solutions and maintaining safe passage in the area. He defined the Philippines' relationship with China as a never-ending quest for answers, and he expressed optimism in the fertile ground for expanding and strengthening the relationship based on shared interests, values, and cultural similarities.


The Philippines' President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has denied suggestions of a move away from China and underlined the country's commitment to preserving and deepening its alliance with China. Despite existing disagreements, the President underlined the need of working together to solve problems and develop friendship and collaboration. The Philippines continues to promote shared interests and views while pursuing peaceful settlements and safeguarding regional safety. President Marcos' words represent the country's balanced approach to international affairs at a time when big nations' tensions are rising.



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