K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher has thrilled their Filipino fans with the announcement of an upcoming concert in Manila. The seven-member act, known for their unique blend of pop, rock, and metal, will grace the stage of the New Frontier Theatre in Quezon City on August 28, 2023, at 7 PM local time. The highly anticipated show, titled "Dreamcatcher: Under the Moonlight in Manila," promises an unforgettable experience for InSomnias, Dreamcatcher's devoted fanbase.

K-pop's Dreamcatcher Announces "Under the Moonlight" Concert in Manila.

The announcement was made by event organizer Random Minds on June 7, 2023, generating immense excitement among fans. Tickets for the concert will go on sale starting July 1, 2023, at 10 AM local time via TicketNet. Additional details, including fan benefits and the seat plan, will be revealed in the near future.

Dreamcatcher's "Under the Moonlight" concert in Manila marks their first show in the series to be announced, leaving fans hopeful for the possibility of more performances in different countries and continents. This concert comes shortly after the conclusion of their successful US tour, "Reason: Makes Dreamcatcher 2023," held from February to March 2023, where they performed in various cities, including Atlanta and New York.

Dreamcatcher, composed of members JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, and Gahyeon, has been captivating audiences since their debut in 2014 as MINX. The group underwent a re-launch in 2017 with a new name and two additional members, solidifying their unique musical style and growing fanbase. Their return to the Philippines in 2023 brings back fond memories of their "Invitation From Nightmare City" tour, which took place in 2019 at the SM Skydome in Quezon City.

In summary, K-pop enthusiasts in the Philippines can look forward to Dreamcatcher's much-anticipated "Under the Moonlight" concert in Manila on August 28, 2023. With their distinctive musical style and energetic performances, Dreamcatcher is set to create an unforgettable experience for their InSomnia fans. Tickets will be available starting July 1, 2023, and further details will be announced soon. Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Dreamcatcher as they return to the stage to deliver an extraordinary musical journey.


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