Former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno recently made his debut as a host on the revamped version of the popular noontime show "Eat Bulaga." Joining the cast of "Eat Bulaga" on GMA Network, Isko Moreno brings a unique mix of nostalgia and new beginnings to the program. His introduction as a guest co-host and his iconic dance performance have generated buzz among viewers. This article explores Isko Moreno's entry into "Eat Bulaga" and the reactions surrounding his new role.

Isko Moreno's Debut on "Eat Bulaga": A Blend of Nostalgia and New Beginnings.
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Isko Moreno's Introduction on "Eat Bulaga"

On June 10, Isko Moreno appeared as a guest co-host on the relaunched episode of "Eat Bulaga." The show's introduction featured Isko dancing to the iconic 1990s tune "Dying Inside To Hold You," a dance that became his hallmark during his 2007 vice-mayoral campaign in Manila. Isko's entry brought a wave of nostalgia, as he showcased his dance moves on a GMA-7 program after thirty years. The audience witnessed Isko's enthusiasm and connection to the music, evoking memories of his earlier days in the entertainment industry.

Reactions to Isko Moreno's Debut

Isko Moreno's appearance on "Eat Bulaga" garnered mixed reactions from the viewers. Some individuals expressed their delight at seeing Isko join the show, appreciating the blend of his charisma and political background. Others had reservations and voiced criticism, highlighting the ongoing debates surrounding the program and the departure of previous hosts. However, it remains to be seen whether Isko's guest co-host status will transition into a regular role based on viewer feedback and reception.

Isko Moreno's Return to Entertainment

Isko Moreno's involvement with "Eat Bulaga" marks a return to his entertainment roots. Prior to his career in politics, he was part of the Kapuso teen program "That's Entertainment" and now finds himself back on the GMA Network. Isko's venture into vlogging with the show "Iskovery Night" further demonstrates his desire to reconnect with the entertainment industry. This shift back to his first love has undoubtedly added an extra layer of excitement to his role on "Eat Bulaga."

The Impact of Isko Moreno on "Eat Bulaga"

Isko Moreno's addition to the cast of "Eat Bulaga" brings a fresh perspective and a new dynamic to the show. As a former mayor and a public figure, his presence contributes to the program's ability to resonate with a diverse audience. Isko's charisma, combined with his ability to connect with people, may attract a new segment of viewers to the revamped version of "Eat Bulaga".


Isko Moreno's debut as a host on "Eat Bulaga" represents a significant milestone in his career, bridging his political background with his entertainment aspirations. His memorable dance performance and charismatic presence have sparked discussions among viewers. As Isko continues to navigate his new role, it will be interesting to see how his inclusion on "Eat Bulaga" influences the show and captivates its audience.



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