In a surprising turn of events, former Eat Bulaga! co-hosts Pia Guanio and Sam YG have declined an offer to return to the revamped noontime show. Following the departure of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon from TAPE Inc. on May 31, 2023, several former hosts received offers to make a comeback.

Ex-Dabarkads Pia Guanio, Sam YG Rejects Offer to Host Eat Bulaga
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Pia Guanio, who had been a part of Eat Bulaga! from 2003 to 2021, turned down the offer from TAPE Inc. Among her reasons were prioritizing her family and her daily morning show on Net25, called Kada Umaga, which is set to move to a new timeslot at 10 AM. Pia's stint on Eat Bulaga! had a significant impact on her showbiz career, and she was even in a relationship with Vic Sotto for a few years.

Similarly, Sam YG cited his commitment to his daily radio show as the reason for not being able to return to the noontime show he once hosted. Although the specific details of the offer and the nature of the revamped Eat Bulaga! were not disclosed, it seems that Sam YG's radio show takes precedence in his schedule.

The departure of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon from Eat Bulaga! marks a significant change in the landscape of the long-running show. These hosts, collectively known as TVJ, were synonymous with Eat Bulaga! and played a vital role in its success over the years. Their exit has led to speculations and discussions within the industry about the future direction of the show.

It's worth noting that Eat Bulaga! is no stranger to adapting to changes. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the show had to implement safety protocols and make adjustments to its format. During the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon from March 16 to June 6, 2020, Eat Bulaga! aired replays. However, it was the first to resume production on June 8, 2020, with select hosts reporting in rotation to adhere to physical distancing guidelines.

As the landscape of noontime shows in the Philippines evolves, with the likes of It's Showtime and Happy Time entering the competition, the departure of iconic hosts from Eat Bulaga! and the decline of offers by former co-hosts like Pia Guanio and Sam YG add an intriguing layer to the ongoing battle for viewership and relevance in the new normal.

Only time will tell how Eat Bulaga! will adapt to these changes and whether it will continue to captivate audiences with its revamped lineup of hosts. As fans eagerly await updates and announcements regarding the future of the show, it is clear that the departure of long-standing hosts and the decision of former co-hosts to decline offers have left a significant impact on the beloved noontime program.



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