WINNER member Mino, also known as Song Min Ho, recently made headlines when he attended his sister's wedding in Los Angeles while carrying out his military obligations. His appearance at the wedding, coupled with his long hair, sparked a mix of reactions among netizens. 

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YG Entertainment, the agency representing Mino, swiftly addressed the controversy, explaining the reasons behind his exclusion from mandatory basic training. In this article, we delve into the details surrounding Mino's attendance at his sister's wedding and the subsequent response from YG Entertainment.

Mino's Attendance at the Wedding

On May 28, Mino flew overseas to be present at his sister Song Danah's wedding in Los Angeles. Images of the joyous occasion quickly circulated on social media, drawing attention from netizens. Notably, Mino's long hair became a topic of discussion, given that military recruits are typically required to shave their heads during basic training. This discrepancy raised questions and fueled speculation among netizens about the circumstances surrounding Mino's exclusion from mandatory training.

YG Entertainment's Statement

To address the controversy surrounding Mino's attendance at his sister's wedding and his long hair, YG Entertainment promptly released a statement on May 29. According to the agency, Mino was examined by the military and subsequently exempted from undergoing basic training. While YG Entertainment did not provide explicit details about the specific reasons for his exemption, the statement aimed to clarify that Mino's exclusion was based on an evaluation conducted by the military authorities.

Mixed Reactions from Netizens

Netizens expressed a range of opinions regarding Mino's exclusion from basic training and his attendance at his sister's wedding. Some skeptics questioned the legitimacy of his exemption, while others defended him, emphasizing the importance of supporting individuals dealing with mental health issues. There were also discussions about the rare occurrence of civil servant recruits being excluded from basic training and the allowance for overseas travel to attend family events. Overall, netizens recognized that there might be underlying reasons behind Mino's exemption and encouraged him to prioritize his well-being.

Addressing Mental Health Concerns

One aspect that surfaced during the discussions was Mino's reported anxiety and its potential impact on his military duties. Netizens debated whether anxiety alone should be a sufficient reason to exempt someone from basic training or restrict their ability to travel. Some shared personal experiences with anxiety, highlighting that its severity varies among individuals and that it does not necessarily hinder routine activities like air travel. Speculations arose about the military conducting thorough evaluations to ensure the legitimacy of Mino's condition, given the recent military scandals involving celebrities. Netizens acknowledged the need to trust the military's judgment and wished Mino well in his journey towards improved mental health.


The attendance of WINNER's Mino at his sister's wedding in Los Angeles during his military service stirred up discussions among netizens. YG Entertainment addressed the controversy, clarifying that Mino's exemption from basic training was the result of an evaluation conducted by the military authorities. Netizens expressed mixed reactions, with some expressing skepticism and others emphasizing the importance of supporting individuals dealing with mental health issues. The discussions also touched upon the allowance for civil servant recruits to be excluded from basic training and the impact of anxiety on military duties. As Mino continues his military obligations, it is crucial to respect the decisions made by the military and provide understanding and support for individuals facing mental health challenges.

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