Popular game show host Willie Revillame is making headlines as reports suggest that he will be making a significant announcement about his show, Wowowin, in June. As fans eagerly await this announcement, speculation about the nature of the news is growing. 

Willie Revillame To Make Big Announcement About Wowowin
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In this article, we will explore the latest updates surrounding Willie Revillame's Wowowin and discuss what fans can possibly expect from this highly anticipated announcement.

Willie Revillame's Sabbatical Leave and Resignation

Willie Revillame took a sabbatical leave after leaving ALLTV, the network owned by Manny Villar. While his resignation from ALLTV has not been officially confirmed by the host himself, reports have been circulating about his departure from the network. The reasons behind his resignation remain undisclosed, but it coincided with the network's decision to suspend several of its original shows due to poor ratings.

The Much-Loved Wowowin Show

Wowowin, hosted by Willie Revillame, has garnered a significant following, particularly among the older generation. Through his show, Revillame has touched the lives of many by providing financial assistance and spreading generosity. The show's absence during Revillame's sabbatical leave left fans eagerly awaiting its return.

The Big Announcement

According to reports, Willie Revillame's upcoming announcement in June is said to be related to Wowowin. This announcement holds the promise of answering fans' questions and hopes regarding the show's return. While the exact nature of the announcement remains undisclosed, speculation abounds regarding the show's potential comeback or other exciting developments. Fans are eagerly anticipating this news, which could bring joy and excitement to Wowowin enthusiasts.

Willie Revillame's Ventures

During his sabbatical leave, Willie Revillame has been making the most of his time by focusing on his private resort in Puerto Galera, which reportedly features a helipad. Recent reports suggest that he has expanded his property by acquiring the adjacent property, further enhancing his resort. Additionally, there are plans for a 5-star hotel in Tagaytay that is currently in progress.


Willie Revillame's forthcoming announcement about Wowowin has generated immense excitement among fans, who eagerly anticipate the show's return or other exciting updates. While the exact details of the announcement remain unknown, the speculation and anticipation continue to grow. As fans patiently await June, they can only hope for positive news that will bring back the beloved show and its host, Willie Revillame, to the small screen.

Please note that the information provided in this article is based on available reports and speculation and should be treated as such. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is advised to follow reliable news sources or official announcements from Willie Revillame or the show Wowowin. https://www.pep.ph/pepalerts/cabinet-files/173481/willie-revillame-big-announcement-a734-20230523

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