In an amazing exhibition of talent and coordination, the University of the Philippines (UP) Fighting Maroons defeated Ateneo de Manila University in the FilOil EcoOil 16th Preseason Cup, winning 95-70. The game, which took place in San Juan City, was Ateneo's first appearance in the tournament. UP demonstrated their superiority and ended their two-game losing run, led by notable players Malick Diouf and Harold Alarcon. CJ Cansino's outstanding shooting from beyond the arc added to the Fighting Maroons' triumph.

UP flexes might to spoil Ateneo's FilOil debut

UP Delivers an Outstanding Performance

The offensive prowess of UP was crucial in their emphatic victory against Ateneo. The Fighting Maroons were led in scoring by Malick Diouf and Harold Alarcon, who each scored 16 points. Diouf's performance was bolstered by his eight rebounds, demonstrating his flexibility on the floor. CJ Cansino demonstrated his shooting ability by hitting four three-pointers and scoring 14 points. Along with them, Terrence Fortea and Francis Lopez contributed significantly, scoring 12 and 11 points, respectively. This team effort by UP's players demonstrated the depth and quality of the club.

The Struggle of Ateneo to Keep Up

Despite their best efforts, Ateneo was up against the powerful UP squad. Ateneo's lone bright light was Joseph Obasa, who scored 13 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. Mason Amos, who recently represented Gilas, put up nine points and seven rebounds. However, the Blue Eagles were unable to overcome the Fighting Maroons' unrelenting effort, resulting in a disheartening 0-1 start to their FilOil season. As the season advances, Ateneo will want to rebuild and show their tenacity on the court.

UP Has a Bright Future

The UP Fighting Maroons' decisive win against Ateneo sets a great tone for the forthcoming season. With a 4-2 record, the club has shown its ability to play at a high level. The Fighting Maroons' coordinated gameplay and individual talents signal a bright future. UP hopes to have a significant impression in the competition as they continue to fine-tune their plans and capitalize on their strengths.


The overwhelming performance of the University of the Philippines versus Ateneo in the FilOil EcoOil 16th Preseason Cup demonstrated their tenacity and expertise on the basketball floor. The Fighting Maroons won convincingly, ending their losing run, thanks to important players Malick Diouf and Harold Alarcon. UP displayed their depth and quality with CJ Cansino's excellent shooting and the contributions of other players. As the season progresses, both UP and Ateneo will strive to improve their performances and make their mark in the tournament.

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