The popular streaming service has established a new subscription restriction to combat the problem of password sharing, which is a big development for Netflix subscribers in Malaysia. With immediate effect, Netflix subscribers would have to pay RM13 (US$2.83) for any non-family member who uses their account. 

Malaysians Have to Pay RM13 For Each Person Sharing Their Netflix Password

This action tries to stop the pervasive password sharing behavior that has hindered Netflix's capacity to develop new content and maintain profitability. In this essay, we examine the specifics of this new subscription guideline and discuss any possible repercussions for Malaysian Netflix subscribers.

The Fresh Subscription Regulation

The new Netflix membership regulation primarily targets customers who divulge their credentials to others outside of their immediate family. Users will be assessed RM13 for each additional user that logs into their Netflix account from a different location under this regulation. With the exception of the Transfer Profile and Manage Access and Devices features, all members of the household are able to access Netflix material on a variety of devices thanks to this regulation, which tries to guarantee that Netflix accounts are only utilized inside a single home.

Motives for the Rule

The decision by Netflix to enact this new subscription regulation was made as a result of the pervasive password sharing habit, which has hurt the company's revenue and profitability. Over 100 million families were sharing Netflix accounts, according to an AFP article, which greatly limited the company's capacity to make investments in new TV shows and movies. Netflix wants to increase its income and assure sustainable development by implementing this law in Malaysia and progressively bringing it to more than 100 other countries so that it may provide customers a greater variety of varied and engaging content.

Consequences for Malaysians

Due to the new subscription requirement, Malaysians who have previously shared their Netflix credentials with others outside of their home would have to pay an extra RM13 per person. Although consumers' wallets may take a minor hit, it is hoped that the additional money would enable Netflix to invest in more top-notch TV shows and movies, giving members access to a wider variety of material. The action demonstrates Netflix's dedication to resolving the problem of password sharing and promoting ethical service use.


The new Netflix membership restriction that charges Malaysians for password sharing is a reflection of the company's attempts to combat the pervasive behavior and maintain a viable business model. Netflix seeks to address the detrimental effects of password sharing on its earnings and invest in new content by charging RM13 for each user accessing an account from outside the home. While the restriction may increase user expenses, it is anticipated that it will eventually result in a more varied and interesting Netflix video collection. The expectation is that the streaming service would continue to provide its members a top-notch entertainment experience while Malaysians adjust to this transition.



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