Dream Catcher, a prominent female group, recently came to the attention of netizens when images from an official group film were distributed showing member Yoohyeon clutching what seemed to be an e-cigarette. This occurrence triggered a discussion among netizens, with some expressing alarm and others dismissing it as insignificant. This article digs into the intricacies of the Yoohyeon dispute and the responses of netizens.

Netizens respond after Dream Catcher's Yoohyeon is caught with an e-cigarette in an official group video
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The E-Cigarette Debate

A screenshot from an official Dream Catcher video circulated online, showing Yoohyeon clutching what seemed to be an e-cigarette. The screenshots were shared on a famous online community forum by a netizen who questioned the existence of an e-cigarette in an official group video. The post elicited a wide variety of replies from netizens, with differing perspectives on the incident's relevance.

Reactions of Netizens

The reactions of netizens to the Yoohyeon e-cigarette scandal were varied. Some readers remarked that if a male idol had been in a similar scenario, it would have gone unnoticed. They stressed Yoohyeon's maturity and questioned the necessity for such close inspection. Others linked the situation to male stars being discovered with condoms, implying that there were double standards at work. Many netizens were unconcerned, claiming that Yoohyeon's activities were within her adult rights. Some even acknowledged to using the same e-cigarette brand. Overall, netizens agreed to let the situation go, citing Dream Catcher's long-standing profession and Yoohyeon's own decisions as an adult.

The Importance of the Debate

The debate surrounding Yoohyeon and the e-cigarette incident reflects the complexities of public perception and the scrutiny faced by celebrities. It emphasizes the disparities in expectations put on male and female idols, as well as the subjectivity of moral judgements. The event also emphasizes the significance of taking context and human agency into account when addressing such issues. While some netizens were concerned, others backed Yoohyeon's freedom to make decisions as an adult. Ultimately, the significance of the debate lies in the broader conversation it sparks about societal norms, personal freedoms, and the role of idols as public figures.


Yoohyeon of Dream Catcher became entangled in a scandal when a snapshot from an official group video showed her clutching an item like an e-cigarette. Netizens' opinions varied, with some dismissing it as insignificant and others pointing out possible double standards. The episode raises serious concerns concerning public image, gender standards, and personal autonomy. As the debate progresses, it serves as a reminder of the difficulties surrounding the scrutiny that idols endure, as well as the need of nuanced talks about society standards and personal decisions.


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