Barangay Ginebra star LA Tenorio, a multiple-time PBA Finals MVP, has expressed his determination to make a PBA comeback in October. In an episode of San Miguel Corporation's vlog "Sa'n si Miguel," Tenorio shared his ongoing battle with Stage 3 colon cancer and his treatment in Singapore every two weeks. Despite the challenges he has faced, Tenorio remains positive and focused on his recovery. This article provides an overview of Tenorio's journey, his outlook on returning to the game, and his commitment to promoting San Miguel Corporation's projects for the benefit of Filipinos.

LA Tenorio eyes PBA comeback in October

A Battle Against Cancer

In March, LA Tenorio announced his diagnosis of Stage 3 colon cancer, which required him to undergo chemotherapy for six months. Although he underwent successful surgery in late April and is now tumor-free, Tenorio continues his treatments to achieve complete recovery[1]. Throughout this challenging period, he has displayed resilience and a positive mindset, leaning on the support of his family, friends, Ginebra fans, and the San Miguel family.

The Road to Recovery

While undergoing treatment, Tenorio has been eagerly awaiting his return to the basketball court. Despite missing out on the previous finals, he remains optimistic about making a comeback in October, provided his treatment is completed, and he regains his physical conditioning. His passion for the game and his desire to contribute to the team's success fuel his determination to prepare himself mentally and physically for his much-anticipated return.

Promoting San Miguel Corporation's Projects

In addition to his basketball career, Tenorio has taken the opportunity to promote San Miguel Corporation's projects through various platforms. In the vlog episode, he highlighted SMC's investments in tollways, airports, and agro-industrial complexes that provide employment opportunities and contribute to local communities' development. Tenorio's involvement in raising awareness about these projects is his way of giving back to the company and its supporters who have stood by him throughout his basketball journey.

Inspiring and Giving Hope

LA Tenorio's impact extends beyond the basketball court. Throughout his battle with cancer, he has become an inspiration to many Filipinos, demonstrating resilience, strength, and a positive attitude. His goal is not only to bring joy through basketball but also to enlighten the Filipino people about San Miguel Corporation's initiatives to improve their lives. Tenorio's determination to inspire and give hope serves as a testament to his character and his desire to make a positive difference.


LA Tenorio's journey through cancer treatment and his determination to make a PBA comeback in October exemplify his resilience and unwavering spirit. With the support of his loved ones and the San Miguel Corporation, Tenorio remains focused on his recovery and his commitment to promoting projects that benefit the Filipino people. His story is one of inspiration and hope, showcasing his passion for basketball and his dedication to making a positive impact on society.

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