"Unbreak My Heart," featuring Jodi Sta. Maria and Joshua Garcia, has caught the attention of fans due to an intimate scene that went viral after being shown in a teaser. In this article, we explore how the actors prepared for this sensitive scene and their professional approach to delivering the required performances.

How Jodi Sta. Maria, Joshua Garcia prepared for intimate scene in 'Unbreak My Heart'
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Sensuality Workshop for Boundaries

To ensure a comfortable working environment, Jodi Sta. Maria and Joshua Garcia underwent a sensuality workshop prior to filming their intimate scene. This workshop allowed them to establish their limits and boundaries as actors, ensuring that they only portrayed what was necessary for their characters on the show. The directors played a crucial role in guiding them and sewing the scene together.

Trust and Vulnerability

Intimate scenes can be challenging for actors, requiring a certain level of vulnerability and trust in their scene partners and directors. Jodi Sta. Maria expressed her gratitude towards Joshua Garcia for being respectful and making the scene bearable. She also acknowledged the directors, Manny Palo and Dolly Dulu, for their care and artistic approach in handling the scene. Their guidance and support created a safe space for the actors to deliver their performances.

Portraying Characters, Not Themselves

Both Jodi Sta. Maria and Joshua Garcia emphasized the importance of approaching the intimate scene as their respective characters, rather than as themselves. They reminded themselves that their actions were part of the story and not reflective of their personal lives. This distinction allowed them to immerse themselves in their roles and bring authenticity to their performances.

Appreciating the Difficulty

Jodi Sta. Maria acknowledged that intimate scenes are among the most challenging to execute as an actor. These scenes require a delicate balance of vulnerability, trust, and professionalism. By recognizing the complexity of such scenes, she expressed her gratitude to the entire team involved in creating a supportive environment on set.


As Jodi Sta. Maria and Joshua Garcia prepared for an intimate scene in "Unbreak My Heart," they prioritized establishing boundaries, relying on the guidance of the directors, and approaching the scene as their characters rather than as themselves. Their commitment to professionalism and their willingness to trust and support one another contributed to the successful execution of this sensitive moment in the series. Fans can look forward to witnessing their captivating performances when "Unbreak My Heart" airs, and the actors' preparation ensures a compelling portrayal of their characters' story.

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