Jennica Garcia, a great actress, is resurrecting her entertainment career by accepting hosting and acting roles. Garcia comments on her experience in the entertainment business and the obstacles she encounters in managing her hectic schedule with her position as a mother, after her recent hosting appearance on the weekly show "Ur Da Boss" with Melai Cantiveros.

Jennica Garcia: Embracing Her Second Wind in Showbiz and Balancing Family Life.

Hosting Can Help You Rediscover Your Confidence

Garcia acknowledges that she depended on the personas she played to gain confidence in show business at first. Similarly, she tackled presenting by channeling the character of her mother, Jean Garcia, in the 1990s. While she admits that hosting does not come effortlessly to her, she enjoys hearing Melai Cantiveros and Jolens Magdangal praise her genuine self on the Pie Channel. Garcia's drive to embracing her own self while presenting demonstrates her artistic progress and determination.

Balancing Showbiz Obligations and Motherhood

Garcia's Hollywood schedule has been busier, with roles on "Ur Da Boss" and the romantic drama "Fractured." Garcia prioritizes her two girls, ages 7 and 4, despite the demanding nature of her job. She enthusiastically participates in their school activities and field excursions, and she is always there when her children need her. Balancing career and familial obligations may be difficult, but Garcia's devotion to all sides of her life demonstrates her strength and endurance.

A Second Chance in Show Business

Garcia, who took a break from show business, admits that she is feeling a second wind in the profession. She is inspired by her mother, who had a successful second career in show business after going to Japan. Garcia aspires to be like her mother and attain comparable success. Garcia feels that since her comeback to show business coincides with the age her mother was when her career bloomed, history may repeat itself in her favor.

Her Mother's Wise Counsel

Garcia has gotten invaluable advise from her mum during her career. One important piece of instruction she received was to be polite to everyone she works with, regardless of rank. Her mother's personal experience taught her the value of treating coworkers with love and respect. Her mother also advised her to believe in her acting ability and to wait for the ideal assignment to exhibit her talent. Garcia has followed these nuggets of advice throughout her career.

Family Support and Work-Life Balance

Garcia is grateful for her family's support, which allows her to continue her job while still caring for her children. When she has job obligations, her father, actor Jigo Garcia, and his wife, Amy, care for her children. In addition, when her father is absent, her Ninay from Bicol aids in caring for her children. Garcia's mother also pitches in whenever she can. Because she has a strong family network, she is able to strike a balance between career and family life.

Thank you for the opportunities and future prospects.

Garcia is astounded by the recent excellent fortune in her profession and considers herself fortunate to have the industry's backing. Despite being a single mother of two, she finds strength in her family and recognizes their importance in allowing her to achieve her professional goals. While she is still open to dating, Garcia stresses that her first priority is her profession and parenting her children.


Jennica Garcia's return in Hollywood signals a new chapter in her career, as she pursues hosting and acting roles. Garcia draws strength from her supporting family network as she balances her hectic schedule and parenthood. Her journey is an inspiration, emphasizing the significance of accepting one's real self, having faith in one's skills, and keeping a good work-life balance.



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