The Senate of the Philippines has approved a legislation that would raise the yearly supply allowance for public school teachers, which is a significant step toward rewarding the hard work and dedication of these individuals.

Senate OKs bill increasing public school teachers’ allowance

The Kabalikat sa Pagtuturo Act, also known as Senate Bill No. 1964, intends to give greater assistance to teachers by progressively raising their teaching stipend. This article will dig into the bill's specifics, intentions, and potential influence on the teaching profession.

Recognizing the Need for a Higher Allowance

When it comes to acquiring basic instructional materials and equipment, public school instructors often confront budgetary difficulties. The present monetary allowance, which includes a small allotment for medical examinations, leaves instructors with a tiny supply budget. When necessary things like chalk and bond paper are considered, it is evident that instructors need a larger stipend to satisfy their classroom demands successfully.

Senate Bill No. 1964's Key Provisions

This problem is addressed in the adopted measure by progressively raising the teaching stipend for public school instructors. The allowance will be increased from P5,000 to P7,500 for the school year 2023-2024. next that, the grant would be raised to P10,000 per teacher in the next school years. This incremental rise is a step toward providing teachers with appropriate resources to improve the quality of education they give.

Teachers' Benefits and Impact

The increased stipend will provide instructors greater financial freedom to purchase vital teaching resources such as chalk, bond paper, and other items for successful instruction. Teachers will be able to concentrate more on providing great education to their children as the financial load is reduced. Furthermore, the measure assures that the higher benefits will not be taxed, allowing instructors to reap the full advantages of the enhanced allowance.

Recognizing Teachers' Contributions

The passing of Senate Bill No. 1964 demonstrates the Senate's appreciation of teachers' vital role in moulding the nation's future. Senator Ronald Dela Rosa, one of the bill's co-sponsors, stated his hope that the enhanced allowance would drive teachers to achieve greater heights in their field, knowing that the Senate would support their achievements. The measure honors teachers' hard work and devotion, and it attempts to inspire them to continue nurturing and shaping young brains.

Action Is Needed

The measure now proceeds to the House of Representatives for consideration after being approved by the Senate. Senator Bong Revilla, the bill's sponsor, asks the lower house to give this critical legislation first priority. Recognizing the critical role teachers play in creating the nation's future, Revilla underlines that the measure is for the benefit of the whole country, not just the teachers. He asks his House colleagues to support this critical effort and ensuring that public school teachers have the tools they need to carry out their great task.


The passage of Senate Bill No. 1964, which increases the allowance for public school teachers in the Philippines, is an important step toward recognizing and rewarding their commitment and hard work. The measure intends to give teachers with the resources they need to improve the quality of education they offer by progressively raising the teaching allowance. It is now critical for the House of Representatives to prioritize this proposal and guarantee that teachers' essential efforts are recognized and encouraged.



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