The House of Representatives has taken a significant step toward increasing voter participation in national elections by approving House Bill 8187 on second reading. This bill aims to declare the National Election Day as a regular non-working holiday, allowing citizens to fully engage in electoral activities. If passed into law, it would mark a permanent recognition of the importance of every Filipino's right to vote.

House OKs bill declaring National Election Day as regular non-working holiday

Importance of Voter Participation

The bill's committee fact sheet emphasizes the need for maximum participation of the electorate in national elections. By declaring the National Election Day as a non-working holiday, the bill seeks to eliminate the constraints of work and other obligations, enabling citizens to prioritize their civic duty of voting. This move aims to encourage greater voter turnout and reinforce the value that each Filipino vote holds.

Definition and Scope of National Election

House Bill 8187 defines national election as encompassing various electoral activities, including plebiscites, referenda, people's initiatives, recall elections, special elections, and other similar voting processes. These activities are considered national in scope and will be recognized as regular holidays under the bill.

Support from Legislators

Several lawmakers have expressed their support for the bill, highlighting the positive impact it could have on voter turnout and the democratic process. Rep. Maximo Dalog Jr., chairman of the House Committee on Suffrage and Electoral Reforms, emphasized that every voting act is a Filipino's right and should be celebrated through the permanent recognition of a non-working holiday on election day. Rep. JC Abalos of the 4PS Party List echoed this sentiment, noting that establishing an election day as a non-working holiday would create greater convenience for voters and foster a sense of belonging to the electoral process.

Future Approval and Implementation

The bill's third and final approval is expected to take place during the 19th Congress's second regular session, which begins on July 24. If successfully passed, the law will come into effect, designating the National Election Day as a regular non-working holiday. This significant legislative development aims to reinforce the importance of voter participation and facilitate broader engagement in the democratic process.


The approval of House Bill 8187 by the House of Representatives to declare the National Election Day as a non-working holiday represents a significant step toward enhancing voter participation in national elections. By eliminating work-related constraints and other obligations, this bill aims to encourage citizens to prioritize their right to vote. The move highlights the value of each Filipino vote and emphasizes the importance of civic duty. As the bill progresses through the legislative process, it holds the potential to create a more inclusive and engaged electorate, strengthening the democratic foundations of the country.

Note: The information provided is based on the details available at the time of writing and is subject to potential updates as the legislative process unfolds.



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