The upcoming HBO series "The Idol" has stirred up controversy and garnered widespread disgust among Korean netizens following a viral tweet by American media outlet Variety. The show, featuring BLACKPINK's Jennie, has been highly anticipated by K-Pop fans.

However, a brief review of the first two episodes shared by Variety has left many shocked and appalled. This article delves into the reactions of Korean netizens and their strong negative sentiments towards the depicted scenes in "The Idol."

Controversial Scenes and Netizens' Reactions

Variety's tweet highlighted explicit and disturbing scenes present in the first two episodes of "The Idol." The review mentioned revenge porn photos of bodily fluids on Lily Rose Depp's face, masturbation with ice cubes, nightclub-owning scam artists, and vile Hollywood sycophants. Korean netizens expressed their horror and disbelief at how a show with such content could be produced.

Some netizens questioned Jennie's involvement in the series, wondering why she chose to appear in it. Others simply found the scenes dirty and repulsive. Speculations arose that the director and the show's scenario had been completely changed, leaving the actors feeling scammed. The shocking nature of the scenes made netizens uncomfortable and even affected their perception of other artists, as one commenter mentioned feeling unable to listen to The Weeknd's music anymore.

The Impact on Netizens and Their Responses

The reaction from Korean netizens has been overwhelmingly negative, with many expressing their disgust and questioning the sanity behind the show's storyline. The explicit content depicted in the first two episodes of "The Idol" has raised concerns about its appropriateness and whether it serves any artistic purpose. Netizens expressed their discomfort and the physical reactions it provoked, with some claiming they were on the verge of throwing up.

It's important to note that netizen reactions represent a portion of public sentiment and may not reflect the views of all individuals. However, their strong negative response highlights the potential controversy and backlash faced by the creators and actors involved in "The Idol."


The announcement of HBO's "The Idol," featuring BLACKPINK's Jennie, generated significant anticipation among K-Pop fans. However, a review highlighting explicit and disturbing scenes in the first two episodes has ignited a wave of disgust among Korean netizens. Their reactions express shock, disbelief, and discomfort at the nature of the depicted content. The controversy surrounding "The Idol" serves as a reminder that creative choices in television series can evoke strong emotional responses from the audience. As the series nears its release date, it remains to be seen how this backlash will impact its reception and the subsequent discussions around its explicit scenes.


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