With the highly anticipated SPARK 10 5G, TECNO, the pioneering technology brand, is expected to change the smartphone industry. This smartphone, designed particularly for Gen Z, provides an unsurpassed selfie and vlogging experience at an inexpensive price range of Php8,000 to Php10,000.

Experience the Ultimate Performance with TECNO's SPARK 10 5G.
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The SPARK 10 5G is guaranteed to grab the hearts of young smartphone aficionados with its impressive capabilities and contemporary appearance. This article delves into the TECNO SPARK 10 5G's excellent performance, cutting-edge camera capabilities, and elegant appearance.

Maximum Efficiency

The SPARK 10 5G provides great performance thanks to its powerful Mediatek Dimensity 6020 5G CPU and 16GB(8+8)+128GB RAM. In single-core testing, the powerful chip processor allows for seamless gaming and beats most 4G CPUs. Furthermore, the high-performance memory consumes up to 54% less power, and the UFS 2.2 high-speed dual-channel memory provides up to 1Gb/s transmission. 

The high screen refresh rate of 90Hz improves overall visual fluency, resulting in a more fluid user experience. Furthermore, the smartphone runs smoothly on the 5G network, supporting several frequency bands, providing a quicker APP network experience, and using less battery. Users may enjoy a better network experience by accessing both Wi-Fi and data networks concurrently, lowering network latency by up to 60%. The SPARK 10 5G also has the newest Android 13-based HiOS 12 operating system and allows dual 5G SIM+SD card expansion up to 1TB.

Professional Photography and Video Production

The SPARK 10 5G has a 50MP ultra clear high-resolution back camera and a complete scene imaging technology, allowing users to shoot sharper night images, larger fields of vision, and quicker focusing. The 8MP front camera with 4P lens and dual flash captures excellent selfies even in low-light situations. The smartphone has a split scene video function for vloggers and video fans. Vloggers may generate compelling video material without the need for post-production special effects by employing both the front and back cameras at the same time. This tool expands the scope of vlog production by improving the overall visual appeal and interactive playability of videos.

Design that is vibrant and trendy

The SPARK 10 5G has a bright and stylish style that appeals to the Gen Z audience. It has a unique post-moon rear camera design, sparkle texture stitching, and high-brightness lens splicing transfer glitter sand, all of which provide a dazzling visual impact beneath the liquid crystal covering. With a compact 8.4mm profile and a continuous high-grade curved surface, the smartphone provides a pleasant grip with its straight-edged corners. The new flat and center frame body design improves the smartphone's impression of squareness and homogeneity even more.


The TECNO SPARK 10 5G establishes a new standard for maximum smartphone performance, responding to the demands and wants of the Gen Z generation. The smartphone provides a flawless user experience because to its strong CPU, abundant RAM, and high screen refresh rate. Users may shoot amazing images and generate fascinating video content because to the outstanding camera capabilities, which include a 50MP back camera and a split scene video function. Furthermore, the SPARK 10 5G's colorful and modern appearance gives a sense of flair and individuality. The TECNO SPARK 10 5G is an attractive option for consumers looking for the greatest performance and cutting-edge features in a smartphone, priced at Php9,499 with an exceptional early bird discount of Php8,699 from May 22 to May 27.


SITE: https://technology.inquirer.net/124197/experience-ultimate-performance-with-tecnos-spark-10-5g

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