EXO's Sehun and Chanyeol, known as the dynamic duo EXO-SC, are overjoyed to reconnect with their international fans through their highly anticipated "Back to Back" tour in Manila. After a long hiatus from live performances due to the pandemic, the duo is thrilled to be back on stage, feeling the energy of their fans once again. This article delves into their journey as a subunit, their individual endeavors during the break, and their excitement for future projects.

EXO-SC's "Back to Back" Tour: Reuniting with Fans and Exploring New Projects.
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Reconnecting with Live Audiences

Sehun and Chanyeol express their excitement about finally performing in front of a live audience after nearly four years. The pandemic had forced them to put a pause on their touring activities, making this upcoming tour a significant moment for them. Chanyeol, in particular, appreciates the interaction and energy shared between the fans and performers during live shows. This renewed connection with their supporters fuels their passion for their craft.

Formation of EXO-SC and First Fan Meeting

Reflecting on the formation of EXO-SC, Sehun initially found it hard to believe that they would be forming a subunit. However, their boss's decision was serious, and both artists eagerly anticipated the opportunities that lay ahead. In 2020, EXO-SC held their first fan meeting, which unfortunately had to be conducted virtually due to the pandemic. Despite the limitations, the subunit's dedication to their fans remained unwavering.

Musical Journey and Personal Ventures

EXO-SC has released two albums to date, "What a Life" and "1 Billion Views". These albums showcased their versatility and musical growth as a duo. During the past three years, Sehun explored acting opportunities, while Chanyeol fulfilled his mandatory military service. These personal ventures allowed them to further develop their skills and experiences, contributing to their artistic evolution.

Complementary Partnership

Chanyeol emphasizes the significance of having Sehun by his side during tours, providing companionship and a source of amusement. The duo's chemistry extends beyond the stage, as they exchange jokes and share a deep understanding of each other's perspectives. Chanyeol admires Sehun's unique viewpoint on music, which broadens his own interpretation and appreciation of their craft. This collaborative dynamic enriches their performances and strengthens their bond as artists.

The "Back to Back" Tour and Beyond

Aside from Manila, EXO-SC's "Back to Back" tour also includes stops in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. This tour serves as a platform for them to reconnect with fans from various parts of the world and celebrate their shared love for music. As they embark on this new chapter, Sehun and Chanyeol eagerly anticipate future activities and projects, striving to deliver memorable experiences for their dedicated fanbase.


EXO-SC's "Back to Back" tour marks a long-awaited return to the stage for Sehun and Chanyeol. Their enthusiasm to connect with live audiences and share their music resonates with fans around the world. With their individual pursuits during the hiatus, they have grown as artists and individuals, contributing to the vibrant partnership that defines EXO-SC. As they embark on this tour and explore new projects, fans can look forward to witnessing their dynamic performances and witnessing their continued artistic evolution.


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