Renowned actor Derek Ramsay was recently entangled in a scandal over a shampoo brand. Derek took to Instagram to voice his displeasure with a shampoo brand's unlawful use of his picture, stressing that he does not support the product. This article delves into Derek Ramsay's attitude on brand endorsements as well as the circumstances that prompted him to disclose the imitation.

Derek Ramsay Denies Endorsing Brand of Shampoo, Gives Warning
Image: Instagram @ramsayderek07

Derek Ramsay Refuses to Endorse the Shampoo Brand

Derek Ramsay adamantly denied supporting a particular brand of shampoo that had used his picture without his authorization in a series of Instagram postings. He used to his platform to warn his friends and followers about the deceptive endorsement. Derek posted a video in which he promotes a different brand of shampoo and stresses that the shampoo marketed by the unlicensed brand is not the one he recommends.

Clarifying the Situation

Derek Ramsay used the chance to clear the air by exposing the shampoo brand he really supports. He tweeted a screenshot of his Belo shampoo endorsement, revealing that this is the sole shampoo he recommends to his fans. Derek voiced his dissatisfaction with the shampoo brand's improper exploitation of his film, underlining that he had no association with them.

Fake Product Endorsements: A Problem

Derek Ramsay's situation is far from unique. Many celebrities, including Ogie Alcasid, Doctor Willie Ong, and Ogie Diaz, have been duped into endorsing bogus products. These impersonations mislead customers and sully the reputations of both celebrities and the actual firms they promote. Such incidents emphasize the value of authenticity and openness in the realm of celebrity endorsements.

Celebrity Endorsements Must Be Safeguarded

The Derek Ramsay affair highlights the necessity for tougher safeguards to protect celebrities and their sponsorships. Before exploiting celebrities' photos or testimonies, marketers must get necessary approval and license from them. To prevent falling for fraudulent marketing practices, customers must be cautious and check the legitimacy of endorsements.

The Influence of Social Media

Celebrities may use social media sites like Instagram to communicate with their followers and clear up misunderstandings. Derek Ramsay used his Instagram Story to reach out to his fans and clear up any confusion about the shampoo sponsorship. This episode serves as a reminder of the potential of social media in facilitating direct contact and establishing the truth.


Derek Ramsay's recent interaction with a shampoo brand impersonator highlights the difficulties celebrities confront in upholding the integrity of their endorsements. Derek explained his position and safeguarded his image by responding quickly on social media. This event also highlights the frequency of phony product endorsements and the need for tougher rules to protect both celebrities and customers. To preserve confidence in the realm of celebrity endorsements in the future, it is critical for companies and people to promote openness and honesty.

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