Jamal Murray, the outstanding guard for the Denver Nuggets, recently revealed his personal top 5 NBA players of all time. With some time off before the NBA Finals, Murray was able to consider the athletes who have had the greatest influence on him. 

Nuggets Star Jamal Murray Names His Top 5 NBA Players Ever
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His assortment includes legends such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, as well as active superstars such as Stephen Curry and LeBron James. Not only does Murray's list demonstrate his reverence for these athletes, but it also creates an intriguing lineup that combines a variety of abilities. Let's examine Murray's best five and the rationale behind his selections.

Michael Jordan

Jamal Murray's inclusion of the legendary Michael Jordan in his top five is not surprising. Jordan's dominance in the 1990s is widely acknowledged, and his influence on the game continues to resonate with players of all ages. His six NBA championships, scoring titles, and unparalleled competitiveness firmly establish him as one of the league's all-time finest players.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant, renowned for his unwavering work ethic and unrelenting pursuit of excellence, is ranked fifth by Murray. As a fellow shooting guard, Murray likely drew inspiration from Bryant's extraordinary scoring prowess, critical performances, and never-say-die attitude. Bryant's legacy transcends the basketball arena, making him an icon in the world of basketball.

Stephen Curry

Incorporating a contemporary NBA talent into his list, Jamal Murray acknowledges Stephen Curry's significance. Curry has left an indelible impression on the sport with his extraordinary marksmanship and ability to revolutionize the game with his long-range accuracy. Murray's selection of Curry exemplifies the shifting topography of basketball and the impact of contemporary athletes on the next generation.

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal's inclusion in Murray's starting lineup provides a dominant force. As one of the most physically imposing centers in NBA history, O'Neal was virtually unstoppable due to his stature, strength, and aptitude. His ability to dominate games and presence in the paint earned him multiple titles and established him as an all-time great.

Lebron James

LeBron James, the star whose team Murray's Nuggets recently eliminated from the semifinals, completes the lineup. Murray's acknowledgement of James demonstrates his admiration for the four-time NBA champion's adaptability and durability. James' ability to influence multiple dimensions of the game, including scoring, playmaking, and defense, has cemented his status as one of the most well-rounded players in basketball history.


Jamal Murray's personal top five NBA players of all time list provides insight into his basketball influences and players he holds in high regard. Murray's selection, which includes legendary figures such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant as well as contemporary champions Stephen Curry and LeBron James, demonstrates a variety of skill sets that could form a formidable lineup. Murray's reverence for these athletes serves as a reminder of the impact and legacy they have left on the sport as the NBA Finals approach.

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