De La Salle University's basketball team showcased their prowess and maintained a flawless record in the 2023 Filoil EcoOil Preseason Cup. The Green Archers delivered a commanding performance, defeating their rival, Ateneo de Manila University, with a final score of 72-59. In this article, we'll delve into the details of De La Salle's impressive victory, highlight standout players, and discuss their overall performance in the tournament.

La Salle maintains clean slate with domination of Ateneo in Filoil tilt
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Dominant Third Quarter Display

De La Salle University showcased their dominance in the third quarter, outscoring Ateneo de Manila University with a score of 23-13. This strong performance allowed the Green Archers to establish a comfortable lead of 55-41 by the end of the quarter. The team's solid defensive effort and efficient scoring proved crucial in securing their victory.

Standout Players

Several players made significant contributions to De La Salle University's triumph. Evan Nelle exhibited excellent playmaking skills, tallying 12 points, seven assists, and three rebounds. Mark Nonoy, Joshua David, and Kevin Quiambao also had noteworthy performances, each scoring 11 points to contribute to the team's offensive firepower. Additionally, Mike Philips made his presence felt with a double-double, recording 10 points and 10 rebounds. These standout players exemplify the team's depth and talent.

Ateneo's Struggle

Despite their best efforts, Ateneo de Manila University faced challenges throughout the game. Kai Ballungay was the lone double-digit scorer for Ateneo, contributing 18 points to their tally. However, the team struggled to overcome De La Salle's defensive pressure and failed to match their opponent's scoring output. The loss marked Ateneo's third consecutive defeat in the tournament, highlighting the need for adjustments and improvements moving forward.

Unbeaten Record and Tournament Performance

De La Salle University's victory against Ateneo maintained their perfect record in the Filoil EcoOil Preseason Cup, securing their eighth win in the tournament. The team's consistent performance, both offensively and defensively, has been instrumental in their success. Their ability to execute game plans effectively and showcase teamwork has set them apart from their competitors. As the tournament progresses, De La Salle's undefeated run places them as one of the top contenders for the championship.


De La Salle University's basketball team showcased their dominance in the Filoil EcoOil Preseason Cup with a convincing victory over Ateneo de Manila University. Their exceptional performance in the third quarter, along with the contributions of standout players like Evan Nelle, Mark Nonoy, Joshua David, Kevin Quiambao, and Mike Philips, propelled them to another triumph. The win maintained their unbeaten record and solidified their position as a formidable force in the tournament. As the Filoil EcoOil Preseason Cup continues, all eyes will be on De La Salle as they aim to maintain their stellar form and claim the championship.



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