In an exciting move, Microsoft said Bing will be the default search engine for ChatGPT's online browsing capabilities at the Microsoft Build 2023 event. Until recently, OpenAI's ChatGPT, a well-known chatbot that uses a language model, depended on pre-trained data that only had information up to September 2021. 

Microsoft Bing Will Connect ChatGPT to the Internet for All Users

OpenAI released a web surfing plugin for ChatGPT Plus customers that made use of Bing Search through Bing's API to alleviate this constraint and provide users access to the most recent information from the web. Users may now anticipate real-time, correct information and web-based citations in their replies thanks to Bing's complete integration into ChatGPT.

Bing-enhancing ChatGPT

Beyond adding Bing to ChatGPT's online surfing features, Microsoft and OpenAI's collaboration extends farther. Developers may now use a single platform to create plugins that function with Microsoft 365 Copilot, Windows Copilot, ChatGPT, and Bing as well. Bing's chat feature and its interoperable plugins are advantageous to Windows Copilot, an AI-enhanced version of Windows 11. Through this partnership, consumers will have access to a variety of information and seamless experiences across many platforms.

Timely information and real-time solutions

Users may now take advantage of real-time, up-to-date responses from the web using ChatGPT's integration of Bing. ChatGPT's replies will be strengthened with reliable information and citations obtained from the internet, whether you're looking for current events, trending subjects, or the most recent information. With the help of our partnership with Bing, ChatGPT is better equipped to provide users with timely information that is more relevant to their needs.

Benefits for Both Subscribers and Non-Subscribers to ChatGPT Plus

For ChatGPT Plus users, Bing-powered replies are now available, giving them the extra benefit of real-time web surfing capabilities. The Bing integration will be accessible as a plugin for non-subscribers, guaranteeing that all ChatGPT users have access to the strength of Bing's search engine. By introducing users to Bing and extending ChatGPT's functionality, this integration gives users a smooth and all-encompassing search experience within the chat interface.


With Bing being part of ChatGPT, a major step has been made toward enhancing the chatbot's online surfing skills and guaranteeing that customers get timely, correct replies from the internet. ChatGPT gives users access to a top-notch search experience right from the chat interface by making Bing the default search engine. In addition to enhancing ChatGPT's capabilities, this partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI creates new opportunities for developers to create platform-agnostic plugins. Bing now provides ChatGPT users with current information and useful web-based citations, allowing them to connect with the chatbot in a deeper and more dynamic way.



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