Jungkook, the lead singer of the popular K-pop group BTS, has recently become a target of death threats. This alarming situation arose when Jungkook expressed his concern over a fan delivering food to his house during a VLive session. While expressing gratitude for the gesture, he emphasized the need for respecting personal space and privacy. Shockingly, it was later discovered that the same fan who had delivered the food had now escalated to sending death threats to the artist. This article sheds light on the incident and emphasizes the importance of protecting the safety and privacy of public figures.

BTS Jungkook Receives Death Threats - The Person Claims to Know his Address
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Respecting Personal Space and Privacy

Jungkook's objection to a fan delivering food to his house is a clear indication of the need to respect personal space and privacy. Despite acknowledging the fan's kindness, he firmly stated that he would not consume the food and warned of severe consequences if such actions were to occur again. Public figures like Jungkook deserve boundaries and privacy in their personal lives, just like any other individual.

The Disturbing Death Threats

Screenshots of the death threats made by the same fan were shared by Jungkook's fan page, JK Daily, urging BTS' agency, Hybe, to take action against the person responsible. The fan's messages, including threats like "You think I can't kill him?" and boasting about knowing Jungkook's residence, are deeply concerning. The threats were brought to light by K-pop fans who discovered the Instagram account @chu02859, where the individual even posed with a knife, indicating a potential risk to Jungkook's safety.

Ensuring Safety and Protective Measures

In the face of such threats, it is crucial for the management agencies and authorities to prioritize the safety and well-being of artists like Jungkook. BTS' agency, Hybe, has been called upon to address the situation and take appropriate action to protect the singer from harm. The security of public figures should never be compromised, and necessary steps must be taken to identify and apprehend those responsible for making death threats.

Fan Culture and Boundaries

While the majority of fans support and admire their favorite artists, it is essential to remember that artists are human beings entitled to privacy and personal security. Fan gestures should be respectful and considerate, adhering to appropriate boundaries. It is vital for fans to understand that crossing these boundaries, such as invading personal space or making threats, not only jeopardizes the safety of their idols but also tarnishes the reputation of fandoms as a whole.


The incident involving death threats against BTS' Jungkook highlights the urgent need to ensure the safety and privacy of public figures. It is imperative for fans to respect personal boundaries and refrain from engaging in activities that infringe upon an artist's privacy. Management agencies must work closely with authorities to address such threats, protect their artists, and send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated. Let us remember that supporting our favorite artists should be based on admiration, respect, and appreciation for their talent, rather than crossing the line into harmful and threatening behavior.

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