In an impressive display of skill and teamwork, Rain or Shine (ROS) Elasto Painters secured their first victory in the PBA on Tour exhibition games by overpowering NLEX Road Warriors with a commanding score of 117-93. The Elasto Painters' dominant performance in the fourth quarter propelled them to a resounding win. Let's delve into the highlights of the game and the players who made significant contributions.

PBA on Tour: Rain or Shine derails NLEX

Anton Asistio's Shooting Prowess

Anton Asistio emerged as a key player for Rain or Shine, making a significant impact off the bench. With his sharp shooting from beyond the arc, Asistio amassed 22 points in just 18 minutes of play, including five successful three-pointers. His scoring prowess played a vital role in boosting the Elasto Painters' offensive firepower and helped them gain a substantial advantage over their opponents.

Rey Nambatac's Fourth-Quarter Heroics

Rey Nambatac showcased his scoring ability in the crucial fourth quarter, pouring in 14 of his 22 points during that period. His impressive performance in the final stretch of the game played a pivotal role in widening the gap between Rain or Shine and NLEX, ultimately sealing the victory for the Elasto Painters. Nambatac's scoring burst exemplified his resilience and determination, earning him accolades from fans and teammates alike.

Coach Yeng Guiao's Coaching Style

Asistio commended Coach Yeng Guiao's coaching style, highlighting his belief in giving every player an opportunity to contribute. Despite entering the game late in the second quarter, Asistio embraced the challenge and delivered an outstanding performance. Guiao's inclusive approach fosters a competitive environment where players are motivated to stay prepared and seize the moment when their number is called. This coaching philosophy contributes to the team's overall success.

Exhibition Game with Conference-Level Intensity

Although the game was categorized as an exhibition match, Asistio emphasized that Rain or Shine treated it with the same intensity as a regular conference game. The team aimed to build good habits and carry them forward to the upcoming conference. This mindset demonstrates the Elasto Painters' commitment to continuous improvement and their dedication to honing their skills, irrespective of the game's classification.


Rain or Shine's convincing victory over NLEX in the PBA on Tour exhibition game showcased their exceptional teamwork, individual performances, and the impact of Coach Yeng Guiao's coaching philosophy. Asistio's sharp shooting, Nambatac's fourth-quarter heroics, and the collective effort of the Elasto Painters propelled them to a resounding win. This triumph serves as a promising start for Rain or Shine as they aim to carry their good habits and winning momentum into the upcoming conference. Fans can anticipate more thrilling games and memorable performances from the Elasto Painters throughout the PBA Season 47.

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