Actress Ruffa Gutierrez, a former beauty queen and actress, recently astonished netizens with the exact amount she spent on a supermarket shopping trip. Many people were taken aback when a huge P47,000 ($930) charge was revealed. Inspiring many replies on social media. This article delves into the specifics of Ruffa Gutierrez's buying binge, as well as the public's responses and the internet debate around it.

Netizens naloka sa P47k grocery ni Ruffa Gutierrez: ‘Sana all ‘di na kailangan tipirin ang P1k!’
Image: Instagram @iloveriffag

Ruffa's Expensive Grocery Shopping

Ruffa Gutierrez went to Instagram to post pictures of her grocery shopping trip with her oldest daughter, Lorin. Organic food, snacks, fresh vegetables, home décor, and appliances were among the goods included in the photographs. Ruffa's satisfaction in finishing her weekend shopping spree was reflected in the message, sparking intrigue and excitement among her fans.

Netizens Respond

The disclosure of Ruffa's large food purchase sparked a social media frenzy. Many netizens expressed surprise and jealousy, jokingly hoping that they, too, could purchase with such a large sum without worrying about financial limits. Some people compared Ruffa's supposedly straightforward shopping experience to their own troubles with attempting to stretch a restricted budget. As netizens participated in friendly banter and stated their objectives, the comments displayed a combination of adoration, laughter, and lightheartedness.

Online Discussion

Ruffa Gutierrez's expensive food shopping binge sparked debates about money, privilege, and the vast disparity between socioeconomic levels. Some readers applauded Ruffa's capacity to appreciate the better things in life, while others mocked their own financial constraints. The discussion displayed a mix of adoration, ambition, and self-awareness, with people realizing their different situations and finding comedy in the situation. It is crucial to highlight that these internet replies should be treated lightly, since they reflect individual viewpoints rather than definitive judgements or critiques.


Ruffa Gutierrez's recent food shopping spree, which cost P47,000, drew extensive notice and elicited a variety of comments from netizens. While some expressed astonishment and respect, others jokingly emphasized the contrasted realities of managing a limited budget. The online dialogue around Ruffa's extravagant shopping spree mirrors the nature of social media interactions, with individuals engaging in humorous banter and sharing their own thoughts on money and privilege. Finally, this occurrence serves as a reminder of the different experiences and financial conditions that people endure, enriching online debates and celebrating unique journeys.



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