"Unbreak My Heart" has brought together talents from different networks, with Kapuso star Gabbi Garcia joining forces with Kapamilya stars Jodi Sta. Maria and Joshua Garcia. In this article, we delve into Gabbi Garcia's appreciation for her co-stars and their warm reception during the filming of the series. Let's explore the camaraderie and professionalism that characterized their collaboration.

Kapuso actors thank Kapamilya stars for welcoming them in 'Unbreak My Heart'
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A Comfortable Working Environment

Gabbi Garcia highlighted the comfort and familiarity she shared with Joshua Garcia even before the project, having previously spent time together at various gatherings. Their pre-existing friendship provided a strong foundation for their on-screen chemistry, making their scenes more natural and effortless. Gabbi expressed her admiration for Joshua's talent and professionalism, acknowledging his respectful nature and ability to ensure their comfort in every scene.

Learning from Jodi Sta. Maria

Gabbi Garcia expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside Jodi Sta. Maria, whom she described as a generous and award-winning actress. Despite initial nerves, Gabbi quickly realized that Jodi was a welcoming presence on set, creating an inclusive environment where she felt supported and valued. She emphasized that working with Jodi provided her with valuable learning experiences, making each taping day a new opportunity for growth.

Bridging Networks

The collaboration between Kapuso and Kapamilya actors in "Unbreak My Heart" bridged networks and showcased the professionalism and openness of the cast. Kapuso actors Maey Bautista and Will Ashley also expressed their gratitude for the warm reception and acceptance they received from their Kapamilya counterparts. This camaraderie and sense of belonging fostered a positive working environment, enabling the entire cast to focus on their craft and deliver compelling performances.


The collaboration between Gabbi Garcia, Jodi Sta. Maria, and Joshua Garcia in "Unbreak My Heart" not only showcased their remarkable talent but also highlighted the unity and professionalism of the cast. Gabbi expressed her gratitude for the warm welcome she received from her co-stars, emphasizing the comfortable working environment and the invaluable learning experiences she gained. This cross-network collaboration exemplifies the power of collaboration and sets a positive example for the entertainment industry. Fans can look forward to witnessing the chemistry and exceptional performances of the entire cast when "Unbreak My Heart" premieres on various platforms.

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